5 Games your Cat Sitter Can Play with Your Cat.

Playing games with your cat is really important to create a bond between you and your cat. Games can help stimulate your cat both mentally and physically. Especially for an indoor cat, it can be the only form of exercise that they get on a daily basis.

So if you are travelling away and your Cat Sitter is coming in to hang out with your cat and keep them company:

What games might you expect your Cat Sitter to play with your Cat?

  1. Playing with a piece of string or a ribbon – this can be great fun for your cat. Often the string or ribbon will be attached to a stick and your cat will get a great workout jumping up and pouncing on the ribbon or string as it moves long the floor or through the air. It can be a great way to get a cat to come out and play if they are a little shy at first.

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    Games your Cat Sitter can play with your Cat
  2. Rolling a ball along the ground or another type of cat nip filled toy. Cats love things that move – anything really. Whether it’s something you have made or bought to roll along the ground it gives your cat the chance to practice their hunting skills by pouncing on the moving item. Add some cat-nip and your cat will be going wild.
  3. Wind-up toys. These can be great fun and often come in the shape of a mouse. Again they can be used to draw a cat out from a hiding place and you don’t need to get too close to them once you set it off.
  4. Laser light or shadow games. Laser lights can be great for cats to get them moving and jumping about. They will follow the light or shadow on the wall or ground and really keeps them engaged. This can be a great form of exercise for a young cat who has a lot of energy to burn.
  5. Paper bag/box that they can hide in and jump on. Obviously a supervised game! But cats love to play inside bags. Our Cat loves to dive into any kind of bag or box and roll around. The noisier the bag the better for him!

These are just some of the games your Cat Sitter can play with your Cat. You might have different games you play with your cat – so let us know about those.

We want to make your cats holiday the most fun we can!

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