Cat Sitter Dublin v’s Cattery Dublin: Which is Better?

No-one will ever know your cat better than you. So as a Cat Owner you need to consider the needs of your own cat when you decide whether you use a Cat Sitter or a Cattery. Making an informed decision is important.

So what differences are there between a Cat Sitter and a Cattery?

Using a Cat Sitter

  • Your cat stays at home in their own familiar surroundings. I know our cat used to hate being made to move somewhere new. Even if you moved his bed he wouldn’t be happy – so imagine moving him permanently for 2 weeks!Cat Sitter Dublin
  • Your cat doesn’t have to travel. If you get the cat box out in our house for a trip to the vets for a few hours the cat does a runner.  Imagine how long they would be gone if they thought they were going away for 2 weeks.
  • Your cat gets one on one attention, where your Cat Sitter will play games with your cat, give them cuddles or just give them space if that’s what they want.
  • There is no chance of your cat catching anything, as they are not exposed to other animals while you are away. With such close one on one contact we will also notice any changes in the cat’s mood and general health. Of course your regular vet is only a call away.
  • Someone is checking on your house and will notice any security issues.

Using a Cattery

  • You have to drop your cat off and collect them at specific times. Imagine racing back from the airport to meet the specified collection time. That seems like a lot of stress to end your holiday with!
  • They don’t get the free run of the place – they have a limited area to live in. We all hate it when we go on holiday and the room is smaller than you expected – but your cat can’t complain when he gets there – he is stuck with his accommodation!
  • It can be noisy for your cat. Often there are cats and dogs at the same location, so they will hear a lot of noise. Not the most relaxing break for your cat!
  • They don’t necessarily get their daily belly rub or the chance to rub up around your legs when you come in from work. All the things they are used to and expect.
  • They are mixing with a lot of other cats and could potentially get sick. They also might not get to see their own vet. If you were ill you would want to your regular doctor – not a stranger!
  • Who’s watching your house? No-one!

When you decide whether to use a Cat Sitter or using a Cattery, just think what your cat would want you to do.

Would he want a change to his routine, smaller accommodation and a noisy environment?

Or would be want his normal routine, one on one attention and peace and quiet to enjoy his holiday with his Cat Sitter?

You decide?

Give is a call on 1800 30 30 10 to make sure your cat gets the holiday he deserves!



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