5 Reasons Why You Should Not Leave Booking a Pet Sitter Until The Last Minute.

You are getting ready to travel away – so you get new clothes, a new suitcase, you book time off work, you organise some spending money – but don’t forget to leave time to book a Pet Sitter.

If you were leaving your child in a new childcare situation then you would take time to choose the best match for you and your child – so choosing a Pet Sitter for your pets is best not left until the last minute.

1. One of the most important aspects of booking a Pet Sitter is the Meet and Greet. It’s so important that you meet your Pet Sitter and that you and your pets like them. You wouldn’t leave your child with someone they didn’t know or didn’t like!

2. You don’t want to make the wrong choice. You don’t want to be in that much of a rush that you don’t have time to meet with another Pet Sitter, if for some reason you don’t like the one you first meet

3. You need to ensure you have time to complete you online pet care profile. You wouldn’t want to be in a rush and leave notes on the counter about how to take care of your pets. What happens if they get misplaced, ate by the dog! You also need to make sure your Pet Sitter has all your emergency contact details and details of your pets vet.

4. You want to avoid any last minute booking charges. If your Pet Sitter has to go out of their way at the very last minute to organise a Meet and Greet on the day you leave then you may find that there is a last minute booking fee.

5. You may find your Pet Sitter is booked up! Not all Pet Sitters will have availability all of the time – they could have other clients booked in or be travelling themselves. In this case a Pet Sitting company with multiple Pet Sitters will probably serve you better.

So next time you are booking a trip then book your Pet Sitter straight away. Be organised!

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