Why Use A Dog Walking Service? When Might You Need One?

Why Hire A Dog Walker

We all lead busy lives and it is not always possible to be there at the right time to walk your dog. And often we can feel bad that our dogs are not getting the level of exercise we want for them.

There are lots of situations we have found ourselves in over the past years where we have needed to call on the help of our Dog Walker to take our dogs for a walk. Times when events have come up, we have had to work late, we have been on holiday or maybe we just wanted them to get extra walks during the day when we knew we were busy in the office or with other pets.

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Dog Walker

Why Use A Dog Walking Service? When Might You Need One?

The following are just some of the reasons that you might want to get your dog their own Dog Walker. Obviously you might have lots of other reasons that you want to book a Dog Walker and we would love to chat to you about them.

#1. When You Are Out At Work.

If you work long hours and can’t get back at lunch time then it’s likely that you are going to need some help with your dog to get them out for a walk and some fresh air.

Our Quick Break Service allows you to schedule a 20 minute walk for your dog while you are out at work. Just like we might take a break for some fresh air midday, it gives your dog a chance to do the same.

If 20 minutes isn’t long enough then you can opt for longer walks or you can have a combination of different walk lengths.

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#2. When You Are Going To Be Late Home From Work.

It’s easy to get stuck at work or have other things to do after work.

Maybe you are: 

  • Stuck in a work meeting
  • Have to attend a work event
  • Want to go for drinks with colleagues.
  • Meeting a friend after work
  • Heading for dinner or go to the cinema.

If you have a Dog Walking Service on standby it means that you can call on them whenever you are going to be late from work, knowing that your dog is getting the walk they need.

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Dog Walker

#3. When You Have To Attend An Event.

Before we started Pet Sitters Ireland every time we got invited to an event, such as a Christening or Wedding, our first thoughts were with the dog and what a long day it would be for them without getting out during the day. And many times we just wouldn’t go to the event as it just wasn’t practical with the dogs.

A Dog Walking service enables you to arrange a dog walk or 2 during the day to give the dog a break and let them out for some fresh air.

You can also ask for your dog to be fed at the same time or given treats. And each time you get a Dog Walk you will get lovely pictures of them – so you feel reassured they are having as good a time as you.

#4. When You Are Busy With The Children

As your children get older it often feels like they have a better social life than you. From sporting events, to clubs, birthday parties and other activities it can often take up so much time you struggle to get in the walks you want for your dog.

Having some help during the busy periods from a Dog Walker can be a blessing. And it means your furry child doesn’t get left out.

#5. If You Are Feeling Under The Weather.

We all have times when we are not feeling our best. Maybe you have had surgery, pulled a muscle, hurt your foot – whatever it is having a Dog Walking service can certainly help.

Taking a break from walking your dog can usually speed up your recovery process so you can get back out on your walks a lot quicker.

Dog Walker

#6. When You Go On Holiday.

Our Pet Sitting Service offers you the chance to travel away from home knowing that your dog is getting fed and cared for, and just as importantly they are getting their normal daily walks in the places they are used to and love to go to.

Pet Sitting includes lots of Dog Walks so you don’t have to worry about your dog missing out on walks they would normally get with you.

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