What Does A Pet Sitter Do? The Benefits of Hiring A Pet Sitter

What Does A Pet Sitter Do

For many people its a struggle to know what to do with their pets when they go on holiday. Maybe they have asked friends or family in the past, but don’t like to keep putting upon them. Or maybe they have had to use a kennel or cattery and it wasn’t what they really wanted for their pet.

Before we had our Pet Sitting business we had to use kennels for our pets and it stopped us from travelling away. I felt guilty taking them out of their lovely home to leave them somewhere they didn’t know in an environment they weren’t used to.

With pet sitting now a popular option you can engage the services of a professional pet sitter when you cannot be there to care for your pet. But, you might be wondering what does a pet sitter do and how is it different to what you are used to doing with your pets?

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What Does A Pet Sitter Do?

Hiring a Pet Sitter means that your pets get to stay at home while you are either travelling, at work or at an event. Your Pet Sitter will visit your pets as many times a day as you need, feed them, play with them, take them for walks and clean up after them.

Having a Pet Sitter take care of your pets means that:

  • Your pets get to keep to their normal routine.
  • They get to sleep in their own bed and lie on their own sofa.
  • They get fed at the same time and given the same food/treats.
  • You get petcare journals every day, with pictures and updates on your pets.
  • Your home looks lived in when you are away, with lights and curtains/blinds being alternated.
  • We can water plants, bring in post, make sure the bin is put out/brought back in.

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What Happens When You Decide To Use A Pet Sitter?

Once you decide to use the services of a Pet Sitter then you can expect the following to happen.

#1. We will help you create a visiting schedule.

Based on your pet’s specific needs, we will help you create a daily visit schedule for the time you need a pet sitter. Some people feel comfortable with having a pet sitter drop in once daily to care for their pets if they have a cat or other small animal. But, if your pet needs medication or needs time outside to use the toilet, you might want to schedule a minimum of two visits each day. For dogs we would require two visits a day so that your dog can use the bathroom and get plenty of exercise.

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#2. Meets with new clients for an initial meeting.

Once you are happy with the schedule we have put together for you then we would arrange a Meet and Greet for you and your pets to meet your Pet Sitter.

This is your time to get to know each other and make sure it’s a good match. Your Pet Sitter will learn all about your pets, their likes and dislikes and how you want them to be taken care of.

You can also tell us what other tasks need doing – like watering plants and bringing in post.

#3. While you are away we will give you daily updates.

After each visit, you will receive an update from your Pet Sitter, letting you know how the visit went, how well your pet is doing, and confirming that your pet and your home are both safe.

Imagine getting lots of cute pictures of your pets! I know that’s my favourite thing my Pet Sitter sends me when I am away.

#4. You return home to happy pets.

When you return home your pets are at home waiting for you, happy and content in their own space. You can view all the pictures of your pets from while you were away via your online profile and even download and print any you want to keep.

Get in touch today to find out how we can help your pets while you are away. Call us 1800 303010 or 087 9898042 or Contact Us for more information.

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