Why Do Cats Like Boxes?

Why Cats Like Boxes

Ever Wondered Why Cats Like Boxes?

Animals and children inevitably have a lot in common. Take the cardboard box. What looks like a tool to hold our possessions becomes something much more when in the hands of a child or in the paws of a cat.

That plain cardboard box transforms into something even more exciting, even more intriguing than the child or pet toys inside. If you have a cat, you can probably attest that empty cardboard boxes aren’t empty long when she is around.

Let’s look at the reasons that cats would give, if they could talk, as to why cats like boxes.

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Why Do Cats Like Boxes?

#1. Boxes provide safety

Even though cats are predators, they still have the basic need to feel safe. A box provides that feeling of safety. It also allows cats to give into their natural instincts, by providing them a space to hide and to keep watch on all that’s going on around them, including if potential prey passes.

Many cats prefer small boxes, sometimes so small they are not very well hidden at all. A cat snuggled in a small box is likely to feel more secure and to help her deal when she is stressed. In fact, cats like small spaces, not just small boxes. You may find your cat curled up in a tight space behind a shelf or even behind or under a piece of furniture. Cats seek out small spaces.

#2. Boxes promise privacy

Have you ever tried to take a nap but, every time you drifted off to sleep, someone or something interrupted you? Let’s face it. There’s nothing more annoying than being interrupted when you just want some alone time to snooze or to think.

Cats are no different, especially when they sleep the majority of the day and the night. A box promises your cat privacy, away from the everyday hustle and bustle of life at home.

#3. Boxes offer warmth

Some cats welcome the opportunity to snuggle under a warm blanket as they snooze. But, sometimes cats want to feel both safe and warm in their own space. A box offers just that.

Give your cat a box in several rooms of your home, so she has plenty of places where she can hide, can find the serenity she desires, can catch up on her sleep, and can stay warm.

Do you have a cat who loves boxes, and, if so, what’s his/her favourite use for a box?

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