Can I Train My Kitten? Litter Training, Baths and Tricks

Train Your Kitten


There are many ways in which you might want to train your kitten to behave more calmly or to be more gentle when playing. Perhaps your kitten does not like to use their litter box, or does not like taking baths. Maybe you’ve noticed that your kitten keep biting or scratching at you and your furniture. Can you train your kitten to behave better? Can you train your kitten to enjoy using their litter box or taking baths? Can you even train kittens to do tricks such as using the toilet?


Can You Train Your Cat To Use The Litter Box?

Maybe you’ve noticed that your adorable kitten does not like using their litter box which is causing a mess and a smell in your home. You can certainly train your kitten to use their litter box rather than making a mess in other areas of the house.

It is recommended to get a simple litter box and to put it in a quiet corner somewhere in your home so your kitten can feel at peace when using their tray. The easier it is for your kitten to access the litter box, the better.

Fill the litter box with clean litter and place your kitten in the litter box. This will encourage the kitten to get used to climbing in and out of the litter box on their own. Use only one kind of litter so that your kitten associates the smell and feel of it with a place they are allowed to use the bathroom. Clean and replace the litter on a regular basis so that your kitten is confident in using a clean litter box.


Can You Train Your Kitten To Enjoy Taking Baths?

Many kittens are averse to water and do not like taking baths. However, you can train your kitten to behave more calmly when being bathed in order to make the experience better for the both of you.

The best way to do this is to gently ease them into the environment and to use a matter-of-fact manner without getting worked up yourself.

It is recommended to clip the kitten’s nails, prepare the bathroom or laundry room for the bath, keep warm water running gently to help with washing the kitten, hold them in place with a harness or by the scruff of their neck, lather them, rinse, and repeat. You will want to gently dry them off with a soft towel after the bath in order to ensure they do not catch a cold.

If your kitten is getting distressed during the process then do not continue. Many vets will offer a grooming service so it might be an option to talk to them.


Can You Train Your Kitten To Do Tricks?

Your kitten can be trained to do tricks by using a reward system, much like you might train a puppy.

It is recommended to get a supply of treats and to use a clicker to get your kitten’s attention. Keep training sessions short and frequent, and repeat tricks when training your kitten. Make sure to reward correct behavior immediately, and do not punish your kitten for not learning a trick. Make sure to use cue words only after your kitten has learned a trick so they are not confused.

One of our Cat Sitting customers trained her kitten to fetch a ball and bring it back to her. It was very impressive and a great form of exercise for your

What have you trained your kitten to do? We’d love to hear in the comments below.