Meet The Pet Sitters Ireland Family: Riff


As part of our ongoing Meet the Pet Sitters Ireland Family series we have another of our customers pets to introduce to you. We love Greyhounds – they are such gentle, sweet, loving doggies – and we are excited to get to know a bit more about them.

So this week I’d like to introduce you to Riff the gorgeous greyhound.

Found by Cara rescue, Riff has been lucky to join a loving family of both dogs and humans! With a love for McDonalds Riff loves to run off those treats at super great speed!

You can read more about Riff below and if you would like to join the Pet Sitters Ireland Family then Get In Touch today!

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Your Pet’s Age

Approx 4-5 years



If you were on Xfactor, what would your story be?

I was found by a farmer in the end of a field only skin and bones, soaking wet with a head injury and lots of deep cuts and sores. A wonderful rescue lady from Cara Rescue Dogs found me and scooped me up and took me to the vet at 11 o clock at night. The vet told her to kiss me goodnight as i was probably too sick to make it through to the next day. Morning came and food was served and I stood up and ate.

When I was strong enough to leave I went to an amazing foster dad who made my tail wag again…then one day my mom and my human sister came to bring me home. It took me a while to realise I was really home and when my little fur sister Ginny arrived and our dog walker came to meet her I cried at the top of my voice and sat at her feet not to forget me now there was a new cute smallie in the house. After a few weeks I realised neither she nor I had to leave our cosy home ever again and since then I’ve been king of the sofa…


What is your favourite place to hang out when you go out on walks (or just a stroll around the neighbourhood)?

The beach! I love to run at top speed and on Christmas day I even followed my dog mates onto the golf course and we did a quick round before anyone noticed.


Where do you love to sleep after a hard days work?

Whatever sofa my mom is on


What are you favourite pet treats?

Cheese and McDonald’s chicken nuggets on my birthday

What human food do you save your begging skills for?

McDonald’s or chips


What’s the funniest thing you ever did (maybe it didn’t make your owner laugh!)?

The golf round was great craic….the first time I grumbled with happiness when Mom pet me was a shock for her but now I do it on command anytime I get belly rubs


What’s the cutest thing you ever did (apart from everything!)?

I’m pretty independent but sometimes once in a blue moon I’ll hop on the sofa and put my head down in mom’s lap…most dogs do this all the time but I save it for special occasions so she thinks it’s a treat!


Be honest…what’s the naughtiest thing you ever did (we won’t tell your human!)?

I am told I am a perfect gentleman and mom genuinely can’t find any naughtiness in me (my furry pal Ginny is the Messer in our house)


If you could be any superhero which would you be, and why?

I would be James bond because I’d look good in a suit and charm the room with my politeness and save the world without breaking a sweat(no really…have you seen how fast I can run!)


What do you think your human loves most about you (apart from everything!)?

That I am calm and gentle and enjoy a peaceful evening like her. She appreciates that I’m not a cuddler and when I show her affection she knows it’s because of the bond we have built over time. She loves that over the last two years I have become confident and happy with no need to ever think on life before our home again.


What does your human do that annoys you (promise not to tell them!)?

She doesn’t always let me stay sleeping on her bed when I sneak up to her room…how very dare she…


What do you love most about your Pet Care Assistant (we will definitely tell them!)?

Jane is my actual best friend. For serious. Over Christmas I didn’t see her and I was very sad and mom didn’t understand that I just missed my pal. I reserve my biggest welcome for her that I don’t bother for anyone else. She’s the best walker ever!


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