Should your cat sleep in your bed?

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Cats – and all pets, to be fair – promise unconditional love that is often expressed through satisfied purrs, rubs along your legs, and curling on your lap while you’re lounging. For many people, nothing is more rewarding than going to sleep with their cat sleeping next to them in bed, snuggling close and adding an extra layer of love and warmth on a cold night.

Of course, sleeping with a cat can mean being unable to move if your cat decides you – not your bed – is the perfect place to sleep or if your cat is a bed hog, who refuses to budge to give you more room as you desperately struggle not to fall off the bed.

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Should your cat sleep in bed with you?

Well, that’s really up to you, but there are some great reasons for having your cat share your bed.

For example, cuddling with your cat in bed – or even just having her sleep with you – is a great way to lift your spirits and to keep you feeling calm. Studies have even found that pets have a calming effect on their humans.

The best way to ensure a peaceful experience for all involved is to set boundaries in bed. Cats are nocturnal, which means they like to play at night when you would rather be fast asleep in bed. To ensure a good night’s sleep for everyone, make sure you play with your cat to tire her out prior to bed time. That way, she’s more likely to curl up and go to sleep rather than jump on you, expecting you to play at three in the morning.

If your cat refuses to move, leaving you little space in the bed, move her to another part of the bed. Continue the process until she gets the hint.

Of course, before you let your lovable feline friend sleep with you, be sure to consider the downsides. You may have little room to move. You may find you’ve lost your sleeping spot if you dare to get up to go to the toilet in the middle of the night, and your feline alarm clock may wake you up earlier than you planned, especially on a Saturday morning.

If she doesn’t listen or if you’re just not getting a good night’s sleep with your cat in bed, shut the bedroom door and let her sleep in another room – in her own bed.

But, if all of that is okay with you, you’ll join the ranks of millions of people worldwide who allow their beloved pets – cats, dogs, rabbits, and even pigs – to sleep in bed with them.

Tell us about your cat – where do they sleep?

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