Meet The Pet Sitters Ireland Family: Shola


As part of our ongoing Meet the Pet Sitters Ireland Family series we have another of our customers pets to introduce to you. We love Cockapoos and we love getting to know them a little bit better and find out what they get up to when we aren’t there.

So this week I’d like to introduce you to Shola the Australian Cockapoo

Shola is an international family member all the way from Perth who now lives in Dublin and loves to get mucky in the Irish rivers!

You can read more about Shola below and if you would like to join the Pet Sitters Ireland Family then Get In Touch today!



Shola Ameobi Hearn


6 – 7 in July ?


Australian Cockapoo

If you were on Xfactor, what would your story be?

I was born in Perth and lived with my Mummy for as long as I remember. I got to play in a pool and on beaches. Mummy had to come home to Ireland, but she couldn’t leave me behind! She was very worried about me on the plane and how I’d cope. I didn’t like it, but I am so much happier in Ireland now. The cooler weather means I have so much more energy! First we lived in Tipperary but now we live the city life in Dublin.

My social life is much busier in Dublin – I have a lot of friends. Ger visits me during the day (but that’s my secret – don’t tell Mummy), then after work Mummy looks after me. Aunty Aoife plays with me too and sometimes Aunty Jenny and Uncle John!

What is your favourite place to hang out when you go out on walks (or just a stroll around the neighbourhood)?

I love Herbert Park!

Where do you love to sleep after a hard day’s work?

I pretend to go to sleep in Mummy’s bed but sometimes I sneak off to sleep with Aunty Aoife but I am always back with Mummy before she wakes up!

What are you favourite pet treats?

I love all treats – especially what Mummy eats!

What human food do you save your begging skills for?

My begging skills are not food specific but rather human specific – Aunty Aoife is a light touch!

What’s the funniest thing you ever did (maybe it didn’t make your owner laugh!)?

One time I was trying to show off to a boy dog I liked so jumped into a dirty lake – then I was very embarrassed because I don’t think he liked it.


What’s the cutest thing you ever did (apart from everything!)?

Mummy really likes when I sing to her or when I have my half hour of fun in the evenings!

Be honest…what’s the naughtiest thing you ever did (we won’t tell your human!)?

I am not very nice to the postman – but he isn’t very nice to me!

If you could be any superhero which would you be, and why?

My Mummy is my superhero because she looks after me and can open the treat jar. I wish I could open the treat jar myself so I’d be my Mummy!

What do you think your human loves most about you (apart from everything!)?

She loves that I look after her. I cuddle her when she is tired and make sure she gets exercise – I bring her for walks everyday ?

What does your human do that annoys you (promise not to tell them!)?

She doesn’t share all her food 50/50 – which is only fair – I would share mine with her if she asked!

What do you love most about your Pet Care Assistant (we will definitely tell them!)?

She lets me play in the river – and that means I get mucky – which I love!

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