Meet The Pet Sitters Ireland Family: Ziggy


As part of our ongoing Meet the Pet Sitters Ireland Family series we have another of our customers pets to introduce to you. It’s so great that we get to hangout with all these great animals and we love getting to know them a little bit better and find out what they get up to when we aren’t there.

So this week I’d like to introduce you to Ziggy the Cat

Ziggy is the Supercatman of Athy who loves to steal cake and sit on her sisters head.

You can read more about Ziggy below and if you would like to join the Pet Sitters Ireland Family then Get In Touch today!


Ziggy (The Monster)


1 year old

If You Were On Xfactor, What Would Your Story Be?

I was born in a house full of children dogs and cats. Mum was lovely but after a while it got crowded so I was put in a box and brought to a new home with 2 grumpy older cats.

Chomsky became my new mum and licked my head when I needed it. My human, Amanda provided cuddles so I never felt alone.

Now I’m the boss. I’ve been the surrogate mother to a new arrival and she, Bjork is now my best friend. Chomsky lets me run the house and is happy to watch me with a grumpy face from the couch.

What Is Your Favourite Place To Hang Out When You Get Out?

The back garden is awesome. There’s this cat called Ginger Nuts who l like to hang out with. I don’t like to wander too far as I always want to be able to hear when Amanda has food for me.

Where Do You Love To Sleep After A Hard Days Work?

When Bjork is getting too clingy I go sit on top of the Kitchen press but really there is no place better than the window sill. I can sit there and watch the world go by.

What Are You Favourite Pet Treats?

Not really a pet treat but I love bread. I’m always waiting for the humans to leave some unattended so I can have a nibble. I’m also fond of birthday cake but Amanda says it’s bad for me.

What Human Food Do You Save Your Begging Skills For?

I’m not really fussy, whatever they are having themselves.

What’s The Funniest Thing You Ever Did (Maybe It Didn’t Make Your Owner Laugh!)?

When I was a kitten I used to like to pretend to get my head stuck in yoghurt pots.

What’s The Cutest Thing You Ever Did (Apart From Everything!)?

I think it’s cute to sit on Chomsky’s head.

Ziggy and Bjork

Be Honest…What’s The Naughtiest Thing You Ever Did (We Won’t Tell Your Human!)?

I ate the corners off a freshly baked birthday cake. It was lemon drizzle, who could blame me?

If You Could Be Any Superhero Which Would You Be?

Supercatman, so I can fly as high as the birds and catch them.

What Do You Think Your Human Loves Most About You (Apart From Everything!)?

They call me ‘The monster’ because I’m a little bit hyperactive. I think they love it really.

What Does Your Human Do That Annoys You (Promise Not To Tell Them!)?

Oh the humans are soooo annoying. They pick me up which I hate, they hide all the fun things from me, they rub my belly when I don’t want it rubbed and sometimes they close the window and shut me out for the day.

Worst of all though is when they refuse to play the red dot game with me.

What Do You Love Most About Your Pet Care Assistant (We Will Definitely Tell Them!)?

Just when I think my humans have gone and left me they’ll turn up and give me the foods and clean my tray.