How Does Your Pet Sitter Make Sure Your House Keys Are Secure So Your House Isn’t Broken Into?

We get a lot of people ask during the booking process and at the Meet and Greet with their Pet Sitter how their keys are kept safe while they are away. After all you are giving someone access to your home while you are away – so you want to know that they are keeping everything safe and secure.

So what do Pet Sitters Ireland to do take care of your keys?

  • Your name or address details are never written on your keys.

    Pet Sitter Keeps Home Secure
  • We have a secure online booking system which holds all of your Pet Care details and you are assigned a unique customer ID, which is then noted on your key. So if someone picked up your key there would be no indication as to where they key was for.
  • All keys are kept in a locked secure location, with a backup key being held at our head office for emergencies.
  • We never leave keys under the plant pot or a door mat. Keys are always collected and returned in person
  • Keys are never put through the letter box at the end of the last visit. Imagine if you were delayed coming home and called us to complete an extra visit and we had put your keys through the door – how would we get in to feed your pets?
  • If you give us an alarm code – these details are not kept with the key. They are also kept on our secure online booking system.

So next time you travel away and use the services of Pet Sitters Ireland you can rest assured that your keys and your home are safe in the hands of your Pet Sitter.

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