Should Your Cat Wear A Cat Collar?

We have had 3 cats of our own – Top Cat, Smug and Holly – and I had cats as a child. So I am very used to being around cats. All of our cats have always had Cat Collars and I remember as  a child enjoying choosing a nice collar with a bell for my cat.

Even now I like to pick out pretty Cat Collars and name tags for the cats. It always makes me feel like they are part of the family once they have their collar and ID tag on.

Range of Designer Cat Collars

It could help you to find your cat. By having a collar on your cat it shows someone who may find your cat that it has an owner. This will encourage them to check their ID tag or take them to a vet to get them scanned for an ID chip. It could mean that your cat is returned to you quicker if they go missing.

Your Cat Could Get Caught On Something. It is important that you always choose a collar with a safety feature on it, to make sure that if your Cat’s Collar does get caught on something that they can get free. Cat’s tend to climb and explore and you do not want your cat to be trapped somewhere.

Does Your Cat Find It Comfy? Some cats just won’t wear a collar. So if you are putting a Cat Collar on your cat you should make sure you keep an eye on whether they are scratching or pulling at the collar. You do not want your cat to be uncomfortable.

Does Your Cat Lose Cat Collars? I have spoken to lots of Cat Owners that have indoor cats and would always have a Cat Collar as they know that their cat is not out and about, and there is no chance of them loosing their collar. Where as Outdoor cats would be more prone to losing them. We have very active Outdoor Cats and none of them have ever lost their Cat Collar – so I guess all cats are different.

Do You Want To Stop Your Cat Eating Birds? I have heard cat owners before commenting that they have a bell on their Cat’s Collar to alert the birds in the garden so that they know the cat is about. I suppose it’s individual preference on how you feel about cats killing birds as part of nature v’s protecting unsuspecting birds!

Deciding on whether you want your cat to wear a Cat Collar and the type of collar that you want them to have is a personal choice. Of course your cat does play a part in whether they are going to wear their new Cat Collar or not.

Does your cat where a cat collar? Do they like the cat collar or not?



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