The Best Pet Insurance Companies In Ireland (Reviews/Ratings)

We get lots of calls from new pet owners that are excited about owning their first pet. They firstly want to organise Pet Sitting and/or Dog Walking services for their pet, but also they are often looking for other services, such a Pet Insurance.

It can be quite daunting to figure out which company has the best cover, which is best value for money and which you will get the best customer service from.

As we love to help people out with information on different services, so we have put together some reviews* on 3 of the Pet Insurance companies in Ireland.

*Note – please check the site for any changes to their policy before you purchase.

Pet Insurance In Ireland

A Review of Allianz Pet Insurance

Allianz Pet Insurance offer lifetime coverage for cats and dogs. They are covered as soon as the policy is taken out and any illness cover kicks in after 14 days.

There is an excess of 100 euro and there are some limits on the maximum amount of coverage that they offer. There are also some restrictions on the age your pet can be to take out cover.

Visit HERE for the full details of the review.

For policy information:


A Review of 123 Pet Insurance

123 Pet Insurance covers both cats and dogs, and to keep cover throughout the life of the pet you must renew the insurance annually. They do cover you for boarding if you are sick and need care for your pets, which is excellent.

You also receive a 10% discount of you are covering more than one pet.

There are some upper claim limits on the policy, but they don’t have upper age limits on the cover for pets.

Visit HERE for the full details of the review.

Read 123 Pet Insurance’s policy documents:


A Review of Pet Insure Pet Insurance

There are a few different policies that Pet Insure offer, including a Rabbit only policy which I have never seen before. There is also discount for families with more than one pet and people over 60 year of age.

There are restrictions on the age of the pets that they cover, and the policy needs to be renewed annually to maintain cover.

Visit HERE for the full details of the review.

To read Frequently Asked Questions, please visit:


Next Steps To Get Pet Insurance

Check out the different Pet Insurance companies and see which cover suits you and your pets best.

Make sure you have a Pet Sitter in place in case you pet does get sick and you need visits during the day when you are out at work.

Don’t forget to renew each year to keep your cover active.


Let us know who you are insured with and what you find the cover and service like.



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