5 Of The Cutest Dog Pictures I’ve Seen On Twitter This Week.

I love scrolling through Twitter looking at all the cute pictures that people share of their pets. It’s great seeing so many people who truly love their pets!

So, as I am all about sharing, and I love looking at cute pets!, here are a few of my favourite dog pictures on Twitter so far this week.

#1. A dog that can write!

I can totally relate to this as my dog Joey is always wanting to ‘help’ when I am trying to write blog posts. He likes to give his paw to try and distract me…and he’s also done something rather strange to my number 9 key in the process!

Maybe she would like to write some guest blog posts for us!!



#2. A dog that hopefully is predicting the weather to come!

This is brilliant…and I really hope we will be getting a change in the weather soon! Just really made me smile. Looks like a very cool dog!

And looking good in that bikini!


 #3 A dog with a smile! I just love this dog!

The smile is amazing and they look sooooooo happy. Made me feel a whole lot happier seeing Luna’s BIG happy smile this morning! Definite model material for the happiest dog campaign!      

#4 All chilled out

We all need to relax and chill out! Brilliant picture and loving the tongue!

I think a candidate for doggie yoga maybe!


#5 Every dog needs to perfect the #Selfie

This is proof that dogs can understand the words you say to them! I knew it 🙂   A genius dog! Straight to Hollywood for this dog!    

Keep sharing your dog pics on Twitter – I LOVE THEM!!



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