Nose Of Tralee Diary: Celebrating My Birthday

Hi Everyone

Hope you all enjoyed Halloween – I didn’t.  Those loud bangs just went on all night.  I cuddled up for the night with mom until it was all over.  Did any of you dress up? –  I didn’t.  My brother dressed up as a pumpkin though.  Looked quite funny actually!

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October was a fun month for me.  It was my birthday!  Well, it’s really just my brothers birthday but we don’t know my birthday so we both celebrate on October 5th.  We had a party and got loads of nice treats.  Mom made these pink ice cream treats and they were yummy.  Prince didn’t like them so I ate his too.  We got presents too, loads of new toys and two big beds.  Mine is pink and I love it, it’s so comfy.

One Sunday in October, I went to a dog show and it was so much fun.  I got my
picture taken for the paper and best of all, I won a big trophy for best rescue dog.  I have so many trophies now mom said we need a new cabinet.   It was a great day out and I got to meet loads of new friends.  I wore my sash and everyone knew I was the Nose of Tralee so I had my picture taken with a few fans.Nose Of Tralee

My Christmas cards and Calendars that I told you about last month are now ready and for sale.  The finished product is great and I am very proud of them especially cos’ I am raising money for such a great animal charity.  Me and Prince are on the cover page of the calendar and loads of my rescue friends are in the inside.  It looks pretty awesome.  They make me really excited for Christmas, it’s my favorite time of the year.

Oh my dog, before I go I want to tell you about my first ever bath.  Now, mom always washes me but usually she just wipes me down with a sponge and it’s not so bad.  During the month, she gave me my first bath.  Prince had his first and I was just sitting there watching him as usual.  Next of all, she picked me up and put me in the bath.  It wasn’t the best of experiences to be honest.  Actually, I hated it.  I smelled different afterwards and had to go out and roll around to get the smell away cos’ I didn’t like it.  Luckily she said I didn’t need one again until Christmas.

That’s it for me this month, I hope you all enjoy the month of November and I’ll check back with you to tell you how the month goes for me.

Thanks for reading.

Ginger x

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