New Year’s Resolutions: An Ultimate Pet Lovers Guide

Each year people make New Year’s Resolutions. Some they stick with and others don’t last through January. Traditionally when we make resolutions we usually focus on cutting down on things we like, for example, cake or wine! Or we vow to become an exercise addict and hit the gym 50 times a week in a bid to shed any excess pounds!

However, if you want to set some slightly more realistic New Year’s Resolutions this year that you can involve your pets in then read on. And don’t forget to tell us which you decide to make your New Year’s resolution this year.


10 New Year’s Resolutions for The Ultimate Pet Lover

#1 Exercise More

Instead of vowing to hit the gym every day why not get out with your dog for a walk more. Their wagging tail and smiling face will melt your heart every morning as you get up earlier for a longer walk with them.

Not only will you save yourself money on a gym membership your dog will love you for it!

If you have a cat, then why not play some games in the house with them to help them stay active.

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#2. Eat Better

The New Year is a great opportunity to review what you and your pets are eating. Maybe you want to review their diet and make sure they are getting the best possible food for your budget.

Perhaps you want to start baking your own treats at home instead of buying store-bought treats.

A change in diet doesn’t have to be expensive – in fact, it can often save you money.

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#3. Sleep More

It’s important for us to get plenty of sleep each night. I know I am less than productive if I haven’t had 8 hours of good sleep.

Maybe you need to get to bed earlier, treat yourself to new pillows or a scented candle to help you sleep better?

Maybe your pets need new beds to help them sleep better too.

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#4. Spend More Time with Friends

Making time for friends and family is so important and something we often don’t do enough of. It might mean that you need to schedule time in each week where you phone or visit them.

If you want to involve your dog, then check out some Dog-Friendly venues in your area that you can visit. Or you could organise a doggy play date with your friends if they have pets.

A movie night in with the cat is a great way to catch up with your friends and involve your cat.

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#5. Be More Organised

I love being organised! Give me a planner, a notebook, and some pretty pens and I will happily plan the week ahead!

It’s great to keep on top of what needs to get done for both yourself and your pets.

Never miss a vet’s appointment, a worming treatment or a grooming appointment again!

#6. Learn New Skills

Do you fancy trying out something new in 2018? Maybe you want to learn to belly dance or try your hand at juggling.

It’s great to keep active and try new things.

Why not teach your dog (or cat!) something new? A trick maybe?

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#7. Keep A Journal

A journal can be a lovely way to capture memories throughout the year. Think of it as a scrapbook of your life. Include pictures and stories about your pets that you can treasure forever.

Reading back over the funny things they did throughout the year will be great fun.

Instagram can be a great way to capture visual memories online.


#8. Spend Less Time on Social Media

We are all guilty of spending too much time scrolling through Facebook looking at funny cat videos and reading celebrity gossip.

Limit the time you spend on Social Media and instead spend it with your pets. Or get them their own Social Media accounts! What cat or dog doesn’t have their own Instagram account now!


#9. Travel More

There are so many places in the world to see – so set some goals of places you would like to visit. They might even be places in Ireland.

You might think travelling means more time away from your pets, but very often you can take them with you.

You might fancy a Glamping trip or a trip to a dog-friendly hotel.

If you can’t travel with your pets, then you can always hire a Pet Sitter to take care of them. We are here to help 24/7


#10. Volunteer More

Maybe this year you want to give back more to your local community. There are lots of opportunities to volunteer especially within the animal community.

You could volunteer at your local rescue, become a foster or raise money for them.

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We’d love to hear which New Year’s Resolutions you decide to make in the comments below.

Happy New Year!