Review Of My K9 Cakery : Home Baked Dog Treats


We are always looking for new pet businesses to let our customers know about, and we were delighted to find My K9 Cakery that offer a range of delicious treats for your dogs.

We buy a lot of treats for the dogs and it’s nice to be able to get them something that is home-made in Ireland and that has all natural ingredients in. So good you can even eat them yourself!

So we spoke to the owner Sarah Hannon, to find out more about the person behind the business and the delicious doggie delights that she makes.


Tell us about yourself and your background? How did the range of products come about?

I have a background in HR, but with 2003 my world changed when I welcomed triplet girls into our lives. I already

Coco and Joey Begging for K9 Cakery Treats
Coco and Joey Begging for K9 Cakery Treats

had a 2 year old boy at the time! Whilst I went back to work it was clear that the demands of a very young large family meant I had to prioritise them over my career.

Earlier this year I had to PTS one of my dogs Mr Fiz and my other dog pinned away, so I decided that we would rescue another dog. The local dog rescue helped us big so much and we got talking to the owner, she talked about the struggles of making enough money to cover the running cost’s of her rescue. So somehow the conversation turned round to me baking some treats and selling them with a donation going to them. That’s how My K9 Cakery started we are now 4 months old! I have experimented with flavours and have added Jerky and solid bar shampoo’s to the range of baked treats. Today I am working on chicken jerky!

What pets do you have?

My two lovely dogs a Lurcher girl Jules and Mr melvin who is a very naughty terrier. We were adopted by Daisy the cat and have some hens whose eggs go into our treats!

Tell us about the products you sell?

I am passionate about good food, and the same applies to my animals they need quality nutrition too. I only use human grade ingredients in any of my recipes and where I can I use herbs from the Garden. Our popular baked treats are Beef & Rosemary, Carrot Cookies, Peanut Honey Nutters, Chicken and stuffing. The jerky that we make is made with local meat sourced from my butcher, it’s totally traceable and I like that. I simply sliced the meat and dry it…which takes a lot of time up to 16 hours. No artificial preservatives, colouring are added at all. All my products are then hand packaged into our red pouches with a silica gel sachet to deal with moisture and then heat sealed to make them tamper proof. I also introduced a range of solid bar shampoo’s under the Bubbles 4 Mutts brand. I decided to make these because Mr Melvin likes to roll in anything stinky. Again I use mild soap bases and natural essential oils. The great thing about them is that its minimal packaging to recycle and its handy to just rub the bar all over the dog instead of juggling bottles and dog!

What ingredients do you use that make them special?

Our products are traceable, we use the finest ingredients…when you open a bag you will smell the ingredients so beef and rosemary smells of that, I can stand over all the ingredients that we use because I would use them in my cooking too!

Why will your products make my dog’s tail wag?

They taste amazing (you can eat them too if you want to) I have yet to have a dog refuse a treat, even those owners that tell me they have a fussy eater! My customers tell me that when the red pouches come out the butt’s hit the deck!

If you were a dog for the day which product would you want your owner to choose for you?

That is very easy, the Jerky its 100% quality meat, low in fat and all dogs LOVE it. It’s a bit like fillet steak to dogs!

Pick one word that describes your product range?

Gosh that’s is difficult….Can I give you 2? “Quality with Value”

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When we contacted K9 Cakery to find out about their delicious treats they sent us some chicken and stuffing treats for our dogs Joey, Coco and Patch to try out. I must say I was very impressed with the packaging – it’s bright, clean-looking and most importantly you can re seal it. It’s a good portion size that you get and so you might want to share them out with your dogs over a few days.

K9 Cakery Treats
K9 Cakery Treats

As soon as I opened the bag the dogs never left my side. Patch is old and she loved them as they are a nice size. She struggles with bigger treats and so these were perfect for her.

Coco and Joey just LOVED the smell of them. I must admit they reminded me of Sunday dinner!  Often you get treats for dogs and they don’t smell at all – so it was nice they smelt so fresh and home-made.

They have definitely been a big hit at our house and I will definitely be getting more of the range for them to try. At 3 euro a bag they are a bargain! So head on over and treat your dog today – get those tails wagging for K9 Cakery Treats!

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