5 Problems of Using a Local Pet Sitter


When researching the best options for a pet sitter, be sure to ask plenty of questions to ensure your pets receive the best care – whether from a professional pet sitting company or a local pet sitter.

Does the pet sitter have a backup?

We’ve all been there. We go to bed feeling just fine and wake up feeling as though a bus just ran over us. Sickness sneaks up on us. A professional pet sitting company, such as Pet Sitters Ireland, will have backup pet sitters ready to step in if your original pet sitter can’t make a visit due to illness or an emergency. If you’re considering hiring a lone pet sitter, make sure you ask what type of backup is in place – if any – should she not be able to complete a scheduled visit.

Local Pet Sitter

What happens if there’s a pet emergency?

Pets get sick and have accidents, just like we do, and they usually happen at the most inopportune time. What happens if one of your local pet sitter’s other client’s pets becomes ill or needs to be rushed to the emergency vet? How will that affect the care of your pet? Does the pet sitter have a plan in place for ensuring all clients’ pets are cared for even if one pet needs extra attention?

What happens when a pet sitter is busy?

Both individual pet sitters and pet sitting companies can become very busy very quickly, especially during the holiday season. A pet sitting company generally employs a team of pet sitters, making it easy to schedule the maximum amount of clients while still ensuring all clients’ pets receive the same amount of time, love, and attention. An individual local pet sitter works alone and may risk stretching herself too thin by taking on too many clients. Discuss how many clients the pet sitter takes and how she ensures each client receives individual time and attention.

Does the pet sitter have an effective business system?

Any business – regardless of what type of product or service it offers – must have an effective system of keeping track of appointments and of clients’ specific needs. Ask the local pet sitter if she has a system in place to ensure that she doesn’t miss appointments and that your pet is cared for exactly as you want.

Will a local pet sitter keep in touch with you?

Many pet parents worry about their little ones when they are away from home. Does your local pet sitter keep in contact with you while you are gone? Some pet sitting companies – like Pet Sitters Ireland – provide updates to let you know that visits have been completed and your pets and your home are doing just fine.

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