Celebrate Pet Obesity Awareness Day


You don’t want to fall for it. But, you do. Every single time. All your beloved dog, cat, or other pet has to do is stare up at you with sad, longing eyes. Her eyes eat every bite you take and with every bite you find it more and more difficult to say no.

You give her one more treat – just a tiny one – and promise this time it’s the last since she’s been gaining a little too much weight lately.

You’re not alone in not being able to say no. In fact, pet obesity has become so commonplace worldwide that many countries celebrate Pet Obesity Awareness Day.

Unfortunately, as with people, pets who suffer from obesity often deal with health problems, such as diabetes, joint problems, high blood pressure, and cancer.

Obesity doesn’t have to become a way of life for any pet. The key is to ensure your pet remains at a safe and a healthy weight.

Here are several ways you can celebrate a happy and a healthy Pet Obesity Awareness Day:


Make sure your pet gets enough exercise – not just on Pet Obesity Awareness Day but every day. Consult with your vet to determine whether your pet is healthy enough for exercise and what type and how much exercise is necessary each day. Remember, a young animal will have much more energy than a senior pet.

Pet Obesity

Consult your vet.

One of the most effective ways for a pet to lose weight is to feed proper portion sizes. But, do you know how much food your pet should eat each day? If not, make an appointment to talk with your vet about the healthiest foods for your pet and the ideal portion sizes.

Curb the treats.

It’s easy to give in to those begging eyes. But, doing so only increases your pet’s chances of having health problems in the long run. Avoid giving your pet treats, especially table scraps and store bought pet treats. If you want to give treats, opt for a healthy option. Dogs, for example, often enjoy baby carrots, which are safe and healthy.

Consider changing your pet’s exercise and eating habits not just for Pet Obesity Awareness Day but for every day.

Do you have trouble saying no to your pet when he/she begs for treats?




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