Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind: Become a Puppy Trainer

Having your own dog is a long term commitment and a decision which should be given proper time and consideration.

So when I was reading an article in the Sunday paper about the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind looking for Puppy Trainers I decided to check out their site and see what was involved.

The article explained that  they needed people to rear and educate puppies, so they become well mannered and well behaved dogs, ready to assist those who need visual help.

All vets and feeding costs are covered – so the main commitment you need to make is your time.

An adult must be home full time and you can’t have kids under the age of 5.

You do however get a supervisor to help you with training and socialising techniques.

There is lots more information on their website about becoming a puppy training and I am sure they would love to hear from anyone who feels that they meet the criteria.



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