Pet Sitting: Why not ask a friend or Neighbour?

When you are travelling away from home one of the first things you think of is what to do with your pets.

So do you book a Pet Sitter or just ask a friend or neighbour to ‘pop’ in and feed the cat and dog.

Using a Friend or Neighbour

While your friends or neighbours will say they are happy to call in, they will definitely have their own things to do during the time you are awayPet Sitting and Dog Walking – so often you might feel that you are putting on them. It’s nice to have friends and neighbours that you can call on in emergencies – but you also want to keep them as friends and not have them avoid you when they see you coming in fear you might be asking them to look after your pets AGAIN.

With friends and neighbours you can’t make too many demands – for example can you really insist they text you every day to let you know your cat is ok. If you say you want the dog walked 6 times round the block 3 times a day – is it really fair to expect that they stick to this when they already have their own family to take care of.

What if they have an emergency while you are away – what happens to your pets then?

Using a Professional Pet Sitting Company

A professional Pet Sitting Company is there to facilitate your needs 24/7 365 days per year. We work for you- so you tell us what you want us to do and we do it. No questions asked!

We follow your Pet Care Routine and have back up Pet Sitters in place in case of an emergency. It’s our Pet Sitters job to be there when you need them – and to follow your instructions.

Why not give us a call to talk about your needs and the service you are looking for. We take looking after your pets very seriously and want you to enjoy a stress free trip away.

You can call us on 1800 30 30 10 or Contact Us via our Contact form.



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