House Sitting In Dublin, Ireland: What Does A House Sitter Do?

We get a lot of calls from pet owners who don’t want to travel away and leave their pets alone in the house. They know that Boarding Kennels are not an option for their pets, but they also don’t feel that Pet Sitting visits will offer their pet the companionship that they need either.

We get how you feel. It can be tough to decide just how much company your pets needs. Will they be ok with 2-4 Pet Sitting visits per day? Or is a House Sitter really what they need. Someone who will sleep overnight with them and cuddle up on the sofa and watch a movie with them.

House Sitting Ireland

Can I Hire A House Sitter in Dublin, Ireland?

House Sitting is an extremely popular service as more and more pet owners want someone to live in with their pets. They know that not only does it provide that one on one company at night time for their pets, but that it also offers excellent security for their home. Something we are all a lot more mindful of now.

Hiring a House Sitter is no longer a case of asking a friend or neighbour, it’s now a service that you can use through a professional company. A company that has animals lovers working for them to provide the best care possible.

What does hiring a House Sitting Service involve?

Hiring a House Sitting service is very simple. Much like you would hire a Pet Sitter we want the process to be very easy for you. Once we know the dates you are planning to travel we assign your House Sitter to you and they come to meet you and your pets.

If you already use our Pet Sitting and Dog Walking service then it’s likely it will be the same person that comes to house sit for you. So they will already know and love your pets.

Once you are happy we have the right match for you then we can take all your pet and home care instructions ready for your scheduled trip.

Just like you do with our Pet Sitting and Dog Walking service we will send you photos of your pets while you are away.

Is a House Sitting service right for my pets?

All pets are different and you know their routine better than anyone else. There are lots of factors that go into determining how many/what type of visits you need or if House Sitting is what you really need.

Factors such as what is their normal routine? how many visits do you want them to have? would you feel that your house is safer with someone staying in it? and so on.

If you are unsure which service you need then contact us to chat about your requirements and we can customise a solution to meet your needs.

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