How Much Does Doggy Day Care Cost? Prices/Rates

When you work all day it can be hard to know what to do with your dog. Do they need to be in Doggy Day Care or are they happier at home with a Pet Sitter/Dog Walker visiting them daily.

There are pros and cons of both services, and ultimately only you can decide which you feel is best for your dog.

We have talked extensively about the cost of pet sitting and the cost of dog walking services so we decided to take a look at how much Doggy Day Care costs in Dublin.

What Is The Cost of Doggy Day Care?

We looked at the top Doggy Day Care centres that came up on Google search to collate our pricing options. To accurately assess pricing for your dog we would suggest that you search for Doggy Day Care centres that are either near your home or your place of work.

Dog Day Care

Option 1

The first Doggy Day Care we looked at was €27 per day, incl VAT, with a €15 charge per 15 minutes if you are running late to collect your dog. There was a small discount if you had a second dog at the same day care.

Option 2

The second option we looked at was €22 per day. It didn’t mention if that was including VAT but there was no mention of additional charges for late collection of your dog.

Option 3

The final option we looked at was €20 per day. Again no mention of VAT, but there were additional charges listed for walks during the day and late collection of your dog.

Average Cost of Doggy Day Care

The average cost of Doggy Day Care in Dublin, based on the  companies that we took a look at, is €23 per day.

For 5 days per week it would be a cost of €115 per week or €460 per month (based on a 4 week month) or €575 on those dreaded 5 week months.

Most Doggy Day Care offers care Monday – Friday from 7.30am -6.30pm, which when you calculate the hourly rate for your dog the fees seem quite reasonable. However if you are 15 minutes late collecting them from work you could be faced with a €15 charge (in some cases) per 15 minutes, which could mount up over the week very quickly if you have a boss that likes to keep you talking after work!

Our advice would be to be clear on all the associated costs. Don’t assume your dog will get walked for free during the day, there is likely to be an additional charge.

Of course you don’t need to put your dog in Doggy Day Care every day of the week. Most centres we looked at seemed to be very flexible in their approach to bookings.

Doggy Day Care certainly seems to be a very popular service and their are plenty of options out there if that is the route you want to take.

It might be that you decide to use them on a adhoc basis and book daily dog walks for the other days. We did notice there are no Day Care facilities open on a weekend, so dog walking is a perfect option on those days.

Got more questions about Doggy Day Care? Let us know and we would love to answer them.