[Podcast] – Episode 2 : What Is Pet Sitting, Home Security & A Moonwalking Dog


In episode 2 of the Pet Sitters Ireland Podcast we talk about what Pet Sitting is and how it can benefit you and your pets. How this convenient service can offer great flexibility for you and your pets.

We also consider how using a Pet Sitting Service can offer great Home Security. From leaving lights on, to opening and closing blinds and curtains and putting out the bin. We also talk about measures we take to keep your home safe.

We chat about Christmas Gift Options for our Cat Loving friends and family, and tell you a bit more about Patch and what she likes to get up to.


Home Security https://www.petsittersireland.com2/how-can-a-pet-sitter-make-your-home-more-secure-2/

Moonwalking Dog Video https://www.petsittersireland.com2/moonwalking-dog/

What you can learn from your dog https://www.petsittersireland.com2/5-things-you-can-learn-from-your-dog/

Christmas Gifts for Cat Lovers https://www.petsittersireland.com2/christmas-gifts-for-cat-lovers/



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