Pros and Cons of Retractable Leads

You’re walking through the park and a dog jolts past you. You wonder if perhaps he’s lost or has somehow gotten off of his leash. Then you notice the long cord of a retractable lead just as you hear his owner command, “Stop boy!”

Or maybe you sing the praises of the retractable leash and the freedom it allows both you and your dog.

Retractable leads have both their supporters and their detractors.

Before you use a retractable lead, consider both the pros and cons:

Pros of the Retractable Lead

Allows for more exploration

A traditional leash only gives you so much room. A retractable lead, on the other hand, provides expandability. You can give your dog more room to roam in an area where there are few people and you can retract the lead to a shorter length when you enter a densely populated area.

Allows dogs to walk at their own pace

Some dogs prefer to slowly stroll down the sidewalk while others prefer a brisk walk around the block. A retractable lead allows your dog (and you) to walk at his own pace. If your dog likes to walk fast while you prefer a steady stroll, you can simply allow more room on the lead for him to walk a little faster.

Retractable Lead

Cons of the Retractable Lead

Risk of injury

Your dog’s life could be at risk if you do not know how to properly use the retractable lead. If you do not pay attention, whether intentionally or not, your dog could run and quickly reach the end of the lead. That may result in either a broken neck or even death. An overeager dog who runs in circles and wraps the lead around your leg, your arm, your wrist, or any part of your body can result in a broken bone or another serious injury.

Lock may not work properly

One of the common complaints of those who use retractable leads is the lock, which keeps the lead in place, doesn’t always work, which could prove extremely dangerous. Imagine you and your dog stop at an intersection, waiting for the road to clear so you can cross when the lock unhinges and the lead expands. What happens if your dog takes advantage of the unexpected release and darts into traffic?

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Do you use a retractable lead with your dog? Why or why not?



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