7 Reasons Dogs Are Better Than Humans – Which Is Your Favourite?

Reasons Love Dog More

People often joke that they love their dog more than their partner, wife, husband, family member or just people in general.

But is it true? Do people really love dogs more than humans?

We took a look at 7 ways dogs are better than humans and now you can decide if you feel the same way too.

7 Reasons Dogs Are Better Than Humans – Which Is Your Favourite?

#1. They make great listeners

Some people just don’t listen to a thing you have to say. You know the type that talks over you constantly.

Well dogs never do this. They look at you lovingly with the occasional head tilt and enjoy every word you have to say.

They are fascinated by your tales of who did what at work last week!

#2. They don’t offer unsolicited advice

If you have ever had someone offer you fashion, career, love life advice you will know that is it not always welcome. ‘What I think you should do is…..’ will never be heard from a dog.

No – a dog keeps all thoughts to themselves and instead offers a paw, gives your hand a lick or just cuddles up with total adoration for you.

#3. They keep you warm at night without any ulterior motive!

Dogs are just glad to be allowed in the bed. They are happy to serve as a giant hot water bottle.

They don’t disturb you, want anything from you…they just love to be with you and keep you warm.

#4. They are easily motivated by food

You don’t have to ask a dog to do something a million times. Oh no – just dispense their favourite treat and they are happy to fetch, walk, play or sit next to you on the sofa.

And they would never think you were nagging – they love to be asked to do things.

#5. They let you choose what to watch on TV

With a dog you don’t have to watch movies you don’t like. No more sports, no more compromising – a dog puts your needs first and lets you watch hours and hours of your favourite reality TV show.

And you will never hear a dog say ‘Haven’t you watched this before?’

They are happy to watch what you love.

#6. They are the best at keeping a secret.

You can tell a dog anything you like and they will never repeat it. They are just good at keeping a secret.

They also will never remind you of any failed New Year’s Resolutions!

#7. Their love is unconditional

Dogs never fall out with you – their love is unconditional.

They trust you, they want to be with you and they see you as a companion for life.

A dog never cheats on you!

If you like the sound of these 7 ways dogs are better than humans then you can definitely say you love dogs more than humans.

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