5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Cool In The Summer

Dog Cool Summer

The temperatures creep higher as summer rolls blissfully along. You may notice subtle changes – needing a fan to cool off in the mid-afternoon when the day is warmest and opting for shorts instead of jeans.

Now imagine putting a fur coat on and going out in those same temperatures. You would probably become overheated and grumpy pretty quickly. That’s exactly what your dog experiences as the temperatures climb higher than normal.

Dogs can quickly overheat in temperatures that may not really affect us. Keeping your dog cool during the summer is essential in preventing heatstroke, which could be deadly.

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Here are five easy ways to keep your pampered pooch cool this summer:

#1. Give your dog plenty of cool water.

Staying hydrated is essential to ensuring your dog doesn’t suffer from heatstroke. Make sure he always has access to cool, clean water, especially if he’s outside. Use a sturdy bowl that he cannot tip over.

If you want to keep the water extra cool you can add a few ice cubes to their water bowl.

#2. Take advantage of shade.

Dogs generally love going outside but the hot sun can result in heat stroke. If you let your dog outside in the warmer temperatures, make sure he has access to the shade of a tree, preferably where your dog can lie on grass. Or, create a makeshift tent with tarp to provide him with a comfortable, shaded area.

When it’s extremely warm it’s often cooler for them inside the home. Many dogs love lying on the cold kitchen or bathroom floor tiles.

#3. Walk in the morning or in the late evening.

If you’ve ever walked barefoot on the beach in the middle of summer, you can attest that the sand gets incredibly hot. And, that heat burns your feet quickly. Dogs’ feet also burn on the pavement, especially on a hot day.

Take your dog for his daily walk in the morning before the temperatures rise or in the evening after the sun has set to avoid his paws become blistered.

Walking on grass is often a better option as it is cooler than the pavement.

Keep Your Dog Cool In Summer

#4. Use fans.

A small fan can provide just enough cool air to keep your dog comfortable on warmer days. Don’t forget to always supervise your pets when you use a fan.

#5. Give your pooch a frozen bottle.

Use plastic bottles and fill them with water. Freeze then give to your dog. Many pets enjoy lying against the bottle to keep cool. If you have several bottles, you can always have one freezing and one with your dog, making it easy to change them.

Keeping your dog cool this summer is essential to preventing heat stroke, a very real and often fatal problem for many animals. Fortunately, ensuring your dog remains cool is fairly simple and inexpensive.

If you have other tips to keep your pets cool then please let us know in the comments below.



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