Doggy Day Care Versus Dog Walking: Which Is Best For Your Dog?

Doggy Day Care Versus Pet Sitting

Although sometimes used interchangeably, doggy day care and a dog walking service are two distinct types of service – both of which can be beneficial to your dog.

So what is doggy day care, will it suit all types of dogs, is a better to have a dog walker and which will my dog like the best? These are all things dog owners ask themselves when worrying about what to do with their dog while they are at work.

With my own dogs Coco and Joey I know that doggy day care would not suit Coco. She likes her own space and she is set in her ways. Joey might adapt well to it, however he doesn’t like to be apart from Coco and he gets very anxious if he is left anywhere without us. So for them a Dog Walker is perfect. It allows then to enjoy the comforts of home together – while still getting some exercise and toilet breaks during the day.

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Doggy Day Care Versus Dog Walking: Which Is Best For Your Dog?

How Does Doggy Daycare Work?

Puppy parents typically enroll their pooch in doggy daycare to keep their dog occupied during the day while they are at work. Some dogs go to doggie day care all day every day while others simply go part-time or from time-to-time.

You drop your dog off at daycare and pick him up at the end of the day or sooner, whichever you’ve chosen.

At doggy daycare, your dog will interact with other dogs, will be cared for by doggie daycare providers, and will enjoy socialisation and play time.

Your dog will be exposed to other dogs so it’s important to ensure he’s healthy and is up to date on all of his shots. It’s also important you make sure that there is enough supervision at the daycare so that your dog is safe.

How Does Dog Walking Work?

With dog walking, a professional dog walker visits your dog at home at the times you have specified and can either take them out for a walk, play with them inside or throw a ball in the back garden – whichever you prefer.

There is no need for you to take your dog anywhere, he will remain in the safety and comfort of his own home and won’t be exposed to other dogs and, as a result, illness and stress.

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Dog Walking

How To Choose The Best Option For Your Dog?

There are pros and cons to both services when deciding which is best for your dog. A dog that gets very anxious home alone or is destructive might suit doggie daycare better as they are with other people and dogs all day.

However, a dog that is very shy and nervous might not enjoy the busy environment of a daycare and would prefer a more personal 1 to 1 service of having a dog walker.

With a dog walker your dog is less likely to be injured as they are not playing with other days where accidents can happen. Especially if you opt for solo walks for your dog.

From an owner point of view hiring a dog walker is far more convenient. You don’t have to drop your dog anywhere – instead your dog walker comes to you.

Our recommendation would be to consider

  • Whether your dog is social or not
  • If your dog prefers 1 to 1 attention
  • What type of safety measures are in place at the daycare
  • If you have time to drop and collect your dog before and after work each day

What Happens When You Decide To Use A Dog Walker?

  1. Get in touch with us via our contact form or call us on 1800 30 30 10
  2. Firstly we will chat to you about the different options available and give you a quote for those services.
  3. Once you have decided what length of frequency and walks suit your dog we will arrange to come out and meet you and your dog(s)
  4. When you meet your dog walker you can make sure that it’s a good match and your dog is happy they will be hanging out with them each day
  5. Your dog walker will be there each day to take them for their walks and then send you pictures of them out on their walk having fun.

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