Cattery Versus Cat Sitting: What Is The Difference?

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Deciding who will care for your cat while you’re away on holiday or out of town on business can prove pretty stressful. When people are deciding whether to put their cat in a cattery or use a cat sitting service many of them have questions such as:

  • What is the difference between a cattery and a cat sitter?
  • What will my cat like better?
  • Which is the better option?
  • What happens when you use a cat sitter?

Before we had our Pet Sitting business we had to use a Cattery to take care of our cat and he never really liked it. He would be annoyed with us when we got home and it was a disruption to his routine. Taking him out of his comfy home just didn’t work for him. That’s why we started the business and why our cat now loves having his Cat Sitter take care of him.

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Cat Sitter

Cattery Versus Cat Sitting: What Is The Difference?

What Is A Cattery?

A cattery provides cat sitting for your furry feline friend at a facility rather than in your home. Your cat may be housed alongside many other cats, depending on how busy the cattery is, and may sleep in a cage or another enclosed space.

Catteries typically run on a set schedule: Meals are served at specific times each day. Play time occurs at the same times each day. Your cat, unfortunately, will generally not adhere to her typical routine from home except for having any necessary medication administered at the time you instruct.

If your cat is social and prefers being around other cats and people, even if they are strangers, you may find a cattery is the ideal option. However, some cats do become stressed at the transition of going from home to a boarding facility and will also need time to transition when returning home, which can put just as much of a strain on you as it does on your cat.

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What Is Cat Sitting?

A professional cat sitter allows your cat to remain safely at home while you are away. She will visit your cat as many times as you schedule each day and will ensure your cat maintains her normal routine. Your cat(s) will be the sole focus of your cat sitter’s attention.

Unfortunately, your cat won’t receive the same one-on-one attention when boarding at a cattery because the staff have numerous cats to care for.

A cat sitter however will follow your specific instructions for care and will keep you updated daily as to how your cat is doing – including sending you lots of pictures.

Cat Sitter

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Cat Sitter?

  1. Your cat doesn’t have to travel anywhere. A lot of cats don’t like going in the car. I know for my cat it always reminded him of trips to the vets that they didn’t like.
  2. Your cat keeps their normal routine. Feeding and playtime is all done at the same time as they are used to.
  3. It’s more convenient for you – no rushing back to collect the cat. Instead they are resting at home waiting for you to come home and give them some love.
  4. Greater security for your home. Having lights being turned on and off, and curtains/blinds opened and closed, gives your house a more lived in look while you are away.

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What Happens When You Decide To Use A Cat Sitter?

If you have decided that a Cat Sitting service would suit your cat best then we would be delighted to take care of them.

The next steps are as follows:

  1. Get in touch to have a chat with us about your cat and their routine.
  2. We will then put together a quote for the visits that you need
  3. Once you are happy with that we will arrange your Meet and Greet
  4. When you and your cat(s) meet with your Cat Sitter they will learn about their routine and the things you would like us to do – this can include things like bringing in post, putting out the bin and watering plants.
  5. While you are away we will be monitoring your visits and making sure you get updates about your cat – including lots of pictures.
  6. You arrive home to a happy cat that’s ready to give you lots of love and cuddles.

Get in touch today to find out how we can help your cat while you are away. Call us 1800 303010 or 087 9898042 or Contact Us for more information.



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