Dog Walking Rates: How Much Does A Dog Walker Cost?

Some people walk dogs because they enjoy it. They may make a few pounds here and there but they are more hobbyists than anything else. A professional dog walker, on the other hand, runs a business. That means you, as a client, never have to worry about your dog walker not showing up, how to pay your dog walker, or whether your dog walker is sufficiently insured. All of that is part of the dog walker’s professional business.

How much does a dog walker cost



A professional dog walker without insurance is akin to a driver without insurance. You just don’t want to risk hiring a dog walker who does not have insurance. A professional dog walker will hold sufficient insurance to protect both you and your dog in addition to the dog walker herself.

Length of Walks

Maybe your dog can only handle shorter walks. Or, perhaps you have a puppy with boundless energy who loves long walks. The length of the walk – 15 minutes versus 45 minutes, for example – will play a role in how much a professional dog walker will charge.

Group or Solo Walks

A professional dog walker who walks a group of dogs together may charge less than one who provides solo walks. A dog walker who walks a group of dogs will have her attention taken in different directions and your dog won’t be guaranteed exclusive attention. But, a professional dog walker who offers only solo walks promises to provide your dog with exclusive one-on-one attention, walks that cater to his needs, and perhaps an even higher quality walk.

Number of Dogs

How many dogs you have will determine the specific dog walking rate you will pay. If you only have one dog, you will likely pay the professional dog walking service’s base price. Make that two or three dogs and you’ll pay an additional fee for each dog.

Reliable Transportation

You expect your professional dog walker to show up at a specific time or times each day. The only way that is possible is to invest in reliable transportation – such as a vehicle – which also means insurance, petrol, and upkeep costs, all of which must be considered when setting a dog walking rate.

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