Can I Take My Dog On A Plane With Me?: Read About Ryanair’s Plans!

Ryanair May Allow Small Dogs In The Cabin On Short-Haul Flights.

Ryanair has announced that they are thinking of letting small dogs on short haul flights – so now you could take your pooch on holiday with you.

It’s not something that has been allowed up to now, although it’s very common to travel with your dog in America.

Ryan Dogs On Plane

Obviously there are a lot of things they need to take into account and then seem to be weighing up the pros and cons at the moment.

‘We are open to lots of suggestions,’ said chief commercial officer David O’Brien. ‘It’s one we’re looking at.

‘It could be quite difficult. What makes one person happy would make another unhappy.

‘But we’d be interested to hear what people think.’

Some of the things I think as a Dog Owner you need to consider are:

  • Is theĀ dog suited to flying?
  • Are they calm around people?
  • Are they ok with loud noises?
  • Would they walk up the stairs to the plane – or would you need to carry them?
  • Would they be ok with other dogs on the plane?
  • Are they scared of men, women or children?

We found there were lots of different opinions when we shared the news on our Facebook Page.

Take a read of the comments and weigh in on what you think about the proposal from Ryan Air!

So what do you think? Dogs on Planes – Yes or NO?



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