Do You Still Need A Dog Walker When You Work From Home? [Take Our Test]

Dog Walker Quiz

You are now working from home.

It’s so lovely to be around your dog more. That morning smile and tail wag as you sit down at your desk to start work. Their afternoon naps where they snore softly as you get on with your work.

It’s all so perfect.

So why would you need a dog walker when you are home to look after them?

Take our test and see what you score to see if you need a Dog Walker for your dog.

You get 1 point for every question you answer yes to. Add them up as you go along and we will tell you what it means at the end

  1. Does your dog want you to play with them when you are meant to be working?
  2. Does your dog love to play with their noisiest toy just as you get on an important call?
  3. Does your dog like to jump up on you when you are trying to work?
  4. Does your dog bark to be let outside only to want to come back in 2 minutes later?
  5. Is your dog restless during the day – unable to settle and take a nap?
  6. Do you sometimes struggle to leave your desk to get out for a long walk with your dog at lunchtime?
  7. Are you working longer hours meaning your dog is always waiting for you to finish work so you can take them for a walk?
  8. Are you a bit worried how your dog will cope when you go back to the office?

What Did You Score?

Score 0-3 Sounds like you and your dog have quite a chilled day together. I’m sure they would love the extra walks, but sounds like you are doing ok.

Score 4-6 Your dog is struggling with your work day and needs their own routine with extra attention, walks and playtime. A Dog Walker would certainly allow you to get on with work and your dog get the walks and exercise they love so much.

Score 7+Don’t panic… Help is on its way – your dog is crying out for a Dog Walker.

Dog Walker