Can Your Dog Be The Ring Bearer At Your Wedding?

Dog Ring Bearer

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding where you can now include your dog as the ring bearer.

You will be delighted to know that more people than ever are including their dogs in their wedding day plans whether it’s including them in the actual wedding ceremony or in the formal wedding photographs.

Maybe you want your dog to be the ring bearer or perhaps you just want them included in the photos. It’s really up to you and of course your dog.

Think of us as your Wedding Planner for the day. We’ll take charge of your dog and make sure they are where they need to be to be part of your special day.

Can Your Dog Be The Ring Bearer At Your Wedding?

We can help you by:

Taking your dog to the groomer to get ready for the big day. So if you want them looking nice and fluffy and clean for the big day we can take them to their normal groomer on the morning of the wedding.

Dressing your dog, if you decide to dress them up for their role in the wedding. We have had dogs dressed in full custom made suits, dogs in little tuxedos and then dogs who have just had bows or garlands.

Bringing your dog to the wedding location at a pre-determined time. Once you have decided what part you want your dog to play in the wedding we can decide what time they need to be there. We normally bring them a little bit earlier to get them used to the venue.

Walking your dog prior to the wedding ceremony to ensure they are relaxed. We have found that dogs are a lot calmer after a nice walk around the area and feel more relaxed then when guests start arriving.

Taking your dog on bathroom and food breaks during the wedding festivities. Your dog might need to visit the bathroom during the day, so we will organise that. Clean up after them and make sure they get any pre arranged snacks.

Looking after your dog during the wedding ceremony and afterwards. Sometimes there is a bit of time waiting between the ceremony and the photos. So rather than having to entertain your dog we can do that. We can take them for fresh water, a little walk and some relaxation prior to getting their pictures taken.

Driving them home at the end of the day or when you specify. Most people like us to take their dog home and settle them into bed and then do a series of Pet Sitting Visits. If you have other plans for your dog after the wedding we can accommodate that too.

Got Questions About Having Your Dog As The Ring Bearer?

We know from talking with 1000’s of Dog Owners that these are the most common questions that they ask when it comes to deciding if they are going to have their dog at their wedding.

Dog At Wedding

Should I Make My Dog The Ring Bearer?

Things to consider before you decide to have your dog at your wedding.

  • Is your dog ok with large groups of people?
  • Will they enjoy being part of the celebrations?
  • What part of the day would you like them to be involved in?

Can We Meet You Before The Wedding?

Of course. We will meet with you prior to the wedding to discuss all the arrangements and make sure that your dog has had plenty of time to get to know us. We want the day to be as stress free as possible for you and your dog.

What Part Will My Dog Play In The Wedding?

There are lots of ways that your dog can be involved in your wedding.

Options include:

  • Having your dog as a ring bearer.
  • Including them in the photos.
  • Making them part of the entire day.

Note: We recommend that you speak with the wedding venue to see what access your dog can have to the venue before deciding.

Can I Have My Dog At My Wedding


How Many Dogs Can I Have At My Wedding?

You should consult with the wedding venue regarding their policies on the number of dogs that can attend the wedding.

Who Will Be Looking After My Dog On My Wedding Day?

Prior to the wedding, you would meet with your Pet Sitter and that would be the person that takes care of your dog for the day. They would take them to the wedding, get them used to the venue and make sure they have been walked and used the bathroom.

What Will My Pet Sitter Wear To The Wedding?

Your Pet Sitter will wear smart/casual clothing to the wedding. If you have a specific requirement please let us know.

My Dogs Are Very Nervous and Don’t Like Strangers – Will They Be Ok?

We would meet with your dog at the Meet and Greet so that they can get to know the Pet Sitter before the Wedding. Some brides also decide to book dog walks prior to the wedding so that the Pet Sitter and their dog can get to know each other.

If your dog is extremely nervous of crowds of people then sometimes it is better to only include them in the photos and not have them in the actual ceremony.

How Will My Dogs Get To The Wedding?

We can meet you with your dogs at the wedding or we can come to your home on the day of the wedding to collect them.

Can You Get My Dogs Ready For The Wedding?

We can take your dog to the groomer and get them dressed on the day, if you decide you would like that. We would also take your dog for a walk prior to the wedding to make sure they are relaxed and ready to take part in the day.

Wedding Day Visits

Will Someone Stay With My Dog For The Entire Wedding?

We would be with your dog during the entire wedding, making sure they are fed, watered, walked and ready to take part in the wedding. We suggest that you pack a bag of supplies for us so that your dog has their normal food/treats. We will make sure there is water available for them.

Can You Walk Down The Aisle With My Dog?

If you would like your dog to walk down the aisle with the rings then we can facilitate that. Or we can make sure they are ready for a friend or family member to walk them down the aisle.

Can You Take Care Of My Dog After The Wedding?

Once your dog is ready to go home then we can take them home and get them settled for the evening. If you require Pet Sitting services for your dog we can arrange that also.

Can You Take My Dog To Boarding Kennels After The Wedding?

If you have decided to use a Boarding Kennel for your dog after the wedding then we can transport them to the kennels.

How Much Will It Cost To Have My Dog At My Wedding?

Once we know what your exact needs are on the day we can put together a quote for you.

Please contact us on 1800 30 30 10 or email via the contact form and we would be delighted to chat with you.

Dog At Wedding