Meet The Pet Sitters Ireland Family: Ginny Jo


As part of our ongoing Meet the Pet Sitters Ireland Family series we have another of our customers pets to introduce to you. This little doggie came from a very tough start in life but will definitely make you laugh when you read what she gets up to!

So this week I’d like to introduce you to Ginny Jo.

Found by Cara rescue, Ginny Jo either has her owner pinned to the sofa for cuddles or is playing pranks around the house! With the head of a Chihuahua and body of a Jack Russell she is quite the character.

You can read more about Ginny Jo below and if you would like to join the Pet Sitters Ireland Family then Get In Touch today!

Your Pet’s Name

Ginny Jo

Your Pet’s Age

Approx 4-5 years


Head of a Chihuahua, body of a jack russell :)

If you were on Xfactor, what would your story be?

I was found wandering around lost with black tar all over me looking for scraps and I hadn’t eaten in a long time. When Cara rescued me they cleaned me up and gave me some grub and helped my skin that was sore and missing in spots…oh I wasn’t a pretty picture then.

But I turned a corner after my spay when my mom took me in until my stitches healed…well those two weeks went by and I did my bestest snuggle cuddle one eve that she couldn’t ever let me go…hehe…my 11 year old human sister is my best pal now and we do everything together :)

What is your favourite place to hang out when you go out on walks (or just a stroll around the neighbourhood)?

I love to chase squiggles in St Anne’s park. I never catch them cos my legs is too short but I is always trying my bestest!

Where do you love to sleep after a hard days work?

On the humanses knees

What are you favourite pet treats?

I will eat anything…except blueberries because I play tricks on the humanses with those (see below)

What human food do you save your begging skills for?

Roast  Chicken mmmm

What’s the funniest thing you ever did (maybe it didn’t make your owner laugh!)?

Twice now I have got the best giggle from the humanses (after a few moments watching them run through house like headless chickens which is also very funny)…when the little human gives me berries I put them in the other dogs beds and they sit on them….hahaha…and when they get up they have red squish all over thems legs and when Mom sees she screams and types in phone fast looking for vet until she realises I has done a prank on her….caught her twice now…the groomer is not very happy as they has white fur and now pink blobs on they legs…I is hilarious doggo :)

What’s the cutest thing you ever did (apart from everything!)?

I snore like a guinea pig when I’m on mom’s knee and squish myself to her so she can’t get up

Be honest…what’s the naughtiest thing you ever did (we won’t tell your human!)?

I ate the grooming glove mom got us…I isn’t called Ginny Jo for nothing if my fur isn’t poofing all the over the house I is not living up to my name…

If you could be any superhero which would you be, and why?

Velcro dog ..I attach myself to my humans and they are powerless to get up to get tea or the remote…they must sit and pet me continuously

What do you think your human loves most about you (apart from everything!)?

I am best pal to little human and always make her smile. I teach her how to respect a doggo…just cos I is cute and small doesn’t mean I don’t deserve big respect! I can go everywhere and everyone loves me even those who don’t love doggos say I am good girl and always gentle and sweet.

What does your human do that annoys you (promise not to tell them!)?

She makes me get my toes done at salon and because I don’t like it they make me look silly and put me in a bag with my legs hanging down…it is so humiliating I just let them get on with it…

What do you love most about your Pet Care Assistant (we will definitely tell them!)?

Jane is the best walker as I don’t like to run around the block and back as quick as other doggos she is patient and let’s me sniff every tree… sometimes twice and she appreciates my custom doggo zig zag walk pattern.