Dog Minding Dublin: Why Hire A Dog Minding Service?

We get a lot of dog owners calling looking for Dog Minding in Dublin for their dogs, someone who can come to their home and feed and walk their dog for them.

They are worried about travelling away and wondering what to do with their dog. They may have tried Dog Boarding Kennels before and it just hasn’t been the right solution for them and their dog. However they are still uncertain how a Dog Minding Service might work for them.

We totally understand, as we have been exactly where you are. We didn’t want to put our dog into Boarding Kennels and so a Dog Minding service was much better for us.

In this article we talk about some of the reason why you might hire a Dog Minding service for your dog, whether you are in Dublin or the rest of Ireland.

Why Hire A Dog Minding Service?

Dog Minding Dublin

Dogs Get To Stay Home

One of the biggest benefits to Dog Minding is that your dog gets to stay in their normal surroundings. They sleep in the same bed that they normally sleep in and enjoy the same comforts of the sofa that they are used to.

It’s no change or disruption for them and those luxuries that they are used to are not taken away from them. They get to go for their same walk, on the same street and sniff the same patches of grass that they are used to.

They are able to watch TV during the day or listen to the radio, if you want us to turn that on for them each day. They can also get their treats and food at the same time they are used to.

One to One Attention

When your dog has their own personal Dog Minder they get personal VIP attention. There don’t share meal times with other dogs and have to eat at the same time as everyone else – they get to eat when they are used to eating.

They also get one on one play time with their Dog Minder and a dog walk that is customised to their needs.

Their Dog Minder will throw their ball for them, if that’s what they like, or play tug of war with them in the lounge.

Hiring a Dog Minder makes it all about your dog and how they want to spend their time.

Keeping Your Home Safe

Do you worry about your home when your travel away? Maybe you wonder if your home will be safe or will you fall victim to a break in.

With crime on the increase a Dog Minder can offer great security for your home. They can open and close curtains or blinds, but your bin out on the correct day and bring it back in, take the post from the doorstep and generally make your house lived in.

A house with a lived in look and a barking dog is much less likely to be burgled, than one that is left standing idle while you are away on holiday for 2 weeks.

These are just some of the reason that hiring a Dog Minder is beneficial for you, your dog and your home.

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