The Dangers Of Dog Poo, #PetLoversHour & Why Dogs Are A Good Judge Of Character: Love Your Pets Radio Ep 75

dangers of dog poo

In this episode of love your pets radio we talk about The Dangers Of Dog Poo, A Chinese Ban On Dog Walking, Ireland’s First Pet Related Twitter Hour and much more.

Love Your Pets Radio News

In this section of the show we talk about the pet news.


  • #PetLoversHour Twitter Hour
  • Dogs that steal shoes
  • A ban on walking your dog in China
  • Missing cats
  • And whether dogs are a good judge of character

Love Your Pets Radio Pet Care Tips

In this section of the show we talk about the dangers of dog poo and how Ireland needs to pick up their poop!

We discuss:

  1. The number of fines issued in Ireland this year
  2. The initiatives that have been implemented to help with the problem
  3. Why dog poo is so dangerous
  4. What nasties are in dog poo
  5. How we can prevent the spread of disease


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