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Cattery In Kildare

If you have a cat then you probably worry about what you are going to do with them when you go on holiday or are away for a weekend. Cats are generally not keen to leave their own home and travel away to a cat boarding facility. However, if hiring a Cat Sitter does not suit you and you live in Kildare then we looked at some of the options you have when using a Cattery in Kildare

Firstly though let’s look at what a Cattery in Kildare will offer you, what the pros and cons are versus using a Cat Sitter and also how much the cost of a cattery will be.

What Can You Expect At A Cattery In Kildare?

A Cattery is a facility where you take your cat and they are looked after for the period of your trip. Catteries vary in the level of comfort for your cat. Some Catteries are like hotels where others are more basic.

Generally speaking your cat will have a sleeping area, a toilet area and a run area where they can play. Often there will be climbing areas for them, for example a cat climber or maybe some fake trees.

What Are The Pros and Cons Of Using a Cattery Versus Hiring a Cat Sitter?

Pros of a Cattery

#1. Cat Out Of the Home

Some people prefer that their pets are not left at home when they travel away. Maybe their cat gets lonely or becomes destructive when they are not there. Perhaps if you have a kitten that has free access to the entire house then it might be a risk leaving them to ‘play’ all day.


#2. Cost

Often Catteries can be a lot cheaper then calling a Cat Sitter to come and visit your cat. However depending on the number of pets you have and the visits you would like it can often be cheaper to leave all of them at home and hire a Pet Sitter instead.

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Cons of a Cattery

#1. Your Home Is Left Unattended

When you are away for any period of time the security of your home can be a concern. However using a Cat Sitter that comes to your home every day you are not leaving your home empty. There is someone checking on the house and turning lights on and off, giving it that lived in feeling.

#2. Your Cat’s Routine Is Disrupted

Using a Cat Sitter means that your cat’s routine stays exactly the same. They eat the same food, sleep in the same bed, play with the same toys and don’t have to travel anywhere. When they travel to a Cattery their routine is disrupted and it can sometimes take a few days when they return home to readjust.

#3. Your Cat Won’t Necessarily Get 1 to 1 Attention

When you hire a Cat Sitter your cat gets 1 to 1 attention and you get to see pictures of them every day. You get updates via email of how they are doing and you can even leave a webcam on so you can watch them while you travel.

Catteries in Kildare

How Much Does A Cattery Cost?

Catteries in Kildare start from 12 euro per cat, with discounts for second and third cats sharing ranging from 18-29 euro per night.

Some Catteries have a minimum charge to book with them and all have strict pick up and drop off times.

All cats are required to be up to date with vaccinations to be accepted into a Cattery.

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The Best Catteries in Kildare

Martinstown Cattery

Located: Martinstown Cattery is located at the end of a quiet country lane in Martinstown, The Curragh, Co. Kildare in the townland of Ballysax.


Blackberry Kennels

Located: Blackberry Lane, Newbridge, Co. Kildare


Animals First Veterinary Hospital

Located: Unit C, Block 8, Link Business Park, Kilcullen, Co Kildare


The Cat Club

Located: Kilkeaskin, Carbury, Co. Kildare


How Can Pet Sitters Ireland Help?

If you are considering travelling away and are thinking of using the services of a Cat Sitter then we’d love to chat to you about your options. You can get in touch via the Contact Form or call us on Freephone 1800 30 30 10