Hiring A Cat Sitter: A Guide To Cat Sitting & Our Cat Nip Service.

Hiring A Cat Sitter

As a cat owner, it can sometimes be hard to find someone to take care of your cat. Maybe your cat doesn’t like travelling in the car to catteries and you would rather not keep asking you friend to call in and feed them. In these situations, a Cat Sitting service is the perfect solution.

When it comes to caring for cats we know that all cats have different needs. It’s not just a case of cleaning out the litter and feeding them, instead, we try to keep things the same as their normal routine.

What Does A Cat Sitter Do?

A Cat Sitter cares for your cat in your home. They visit throughout the day to feed your cat, change any litter, play with them and generally make sure they are ok while you are away.

They can also turn lights on and off, put the bins out, water plants and keep your home looking lived in.

How Often Can A Cat Sitter Visit?

We have 2 options for clients who have cats. It really depends on your cat’s normal routine as to which one might suit them better.

Option 1 – 45 Minute Cat Sitting Visits

Your Cat Sitter will call every day while you are away and spend time with your cat, feed them and play with them.

Option 2 – Our Cat Nip Visits

Cat Nip consists of two 20 minute visits each day between 9am & 7pm.

Features of a Cat Nip Visit:

• The Cat Nip Cat Sitting Service is a dual visit. Each visit is 20 minutes and we visit twice a day – morning and evening.
• We can let your cat out in the morning and back in again in the evening – if that is what you want.
• Perhaps your cat is used to being fed twice a day and you want to maintain that routine.
• Maybe you have more than one cat and you prefer that their litter is changed twice a day.
• Perhaps you have young cats that need plenty of attention and play time.
• Perhaps you want us to turn lights on and off – or maybe open the curtains and close them at night.

What If My Cat Is Very Shy? Will It Be Ok To Hire A Cat Sitter?

If your cat is shy then a Cat Sitter is the perfect solution. Shy cats tend to do much better when you are away if they are left in their own home.

There is less disruption for them and they feel more safe and comfortable at home.

We will take time to get to know them, however if they don’t want to play with us then we will respect that and give them the space they need.

We tend to find that over time they begin to enjoy our visits and get used to their Cat Sitter.

How Much Does A Cat Sitter Cost?

Cat Sitting service costs vary depending on the schedule of visits that you book.

To find more about the cost of a Cat Sitter contact us for a quote.

Which Cat Sitting Option Should I Choose?

When we help Cat owners decide which option is best for them we tend to look at the cats current routine.

  • Are they normally fed morning and evening?
  • Are there lots of cats and the litter needs changing twice per day?
  • Are they ok with one visit because perhaps they are quite shy?

If you have other pets then your visiting schedule may be based more around their needs – for example your dog need morning and evening visits.

What To Look For In A Good Cat Sitter?

A good Cat Sitter will obviously be a huge cat lover. They will be reliable, confident and responsible enough to monitor your cat’s health and well-being while you are away.

Questions To Ask Your Cat Sitter.

  • What experience do they have with cats?
  • What other commitments do they have while they are taking care of your cat which could prevent them from being able to carry out the visit?
  • What is their back up plan in their company if they get sick and can no longer take care of your cat while you are away?
  • Are they insured?
  • Do they have references?
  • How will they update you about their cats while you are away?

Choosing the best option for you and your cat(s)

You know your cat best and their needs, so let us match that with our visits as closely as possible.

Of course, if your cat is happy with a visit once a day and doesn’t like to be interrupted too much while you are away then you can book our standard Cat Sit Visits rather than our Cat Nip Service.

Got More Questions About Cat Sitting? Download our Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Sitting.



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