Mutt & Jeff Dog Treats Review

Mutt & Jeff Dog Treats Review

When it comes to our pet’s well-being we all want the very best for our furry companions. Whether it’s about their diet, toys or even treats we want to make sure they always get the best option possible. I’m one of those dog owners who pays great attention to whatever I’m giving to my dog. Today I’m taking a closer look at Mutt & Jeff dog treats produced by an Irish company ‘Phoenix Pet Foods Ltd’ based in Co. Meath.

With so many pet food producers it can be tricky sometimes to choose the right option and the best food is not always the one seen most often in the TV commercials.

Your dog, whether they are a Chihuahua or German Shepherd, may be resting on your couch right know but they are a wild wolf’s descendent. Of course, they have changed a lot since and are no longer forced to run fifteen miles a day to find something to eat. However, dogs and wolves are 98.8 % identical in terms of their DNA. Their teeth and digestive systems didn’t change much either and their bodies nutritional needs remain almost the same. Therefore, to make the right decision about what to feed our dogs we should take a look at what they eat in the wild or what is the usual menu of their wild ancestors.

There has been a lot of buzz about the raw diet for dogs lately and more and more people are switching to this kind of feeding. The good thing about feeding raw is that you always know exactly what is in your dog’s bowl. There will be no preservatives, colour additives or flavour enhancers and such a meal will satisfy all the nutritional needs of your dog.

On the other side though feeding raw can be quite time-consuming and it’s necessary to do some research in order to be able to provide a well-balanced diet. When we all lead such busy lives it can be hard to spend so long every day preparing a healthy meal for our pets. That’s why most dog owners choose to buy prepared and complete dry foods as it only takes a few seconds to open a bag and put some in the food bowl. That’s not to say feeding dry food is wrong. But it’s always a good idea to check the label and find out what exactly is in it.

Some of the commercial pet food producers use a lot of fillers such as corn or wheat in their products. Sometimes it is also very hard to figure out what is the actual percentage of animal protein in such a food is, and it can be as little as 3%.

At Mutt & Jeff, they offer specialty dog food and treats since 1995. What I like about them the most is that they are very clear about what’s in their products.

‘70% Fresh meat of which 45% Bacon, 25% Ham and 30% Cheese’ says the label on ‘Mutt & Jeff, Ham and Cheese bribes’, dog treats.

The bribes are little nugget-shaped pieces, and I must say my Nina really loves them!

All of the meats used are human-grade meats and all of their products are also completely grain free, which is of great benefit to dogs with allergies or sensitivity to grains. Instead, they use a combination of vegetables such as Irish potatoes, carrots, and peas. A grain free diet can also help to control your pet’s weight.

I must say these guys do not try to hide anything. There is a lot of information about each of their products on their website about the composition, the way it’s prepared and the nutritional information. What else can I say? Give it a try and see for yourself.

Let us know in the comments below what treats your dog loves.