How Much Does A Cat Sitter Cost? Prices/Rates

Cost of Cat Sitter

Lots of cat owners call us every day looking for an alternative to using a Cattery when they travel away. We get that cats don’t like to travel and generally do much better when someone can come to their own home and take care of them. Our cat is exactly the same, so we know how you feel.

So at Pet Sitters Ireland our Cat Sitting Service is ideal for pet owners that want to leave their cat in their own surroundings and travel without worry.

Cats generally have a routine that they stick to every day. They like to get fed at the same time, take a nap at the same time and get their love and cuddles in between. So with a Cat Sitter we are able to keep to that regular routine for them with 1-2 visits per day, or more if needed.

Note – we do not do every other day cat visits, for a number of very good reasons, which you can read about in our previous article.

How Much Does A Cat Sitter Cost?

The cost of cat sitting varies depending on the number of visits you require each day and the length of time that we spend with them.

Pet Sitting starts at around 20 euro per visit, with shorter visits available for cat only customers.

Our Cat Nip Visits (2 x 20 mins visits per day for your cat) start from around 22 euro per day.

Note – Prices based on 1-3 pets from the same household and include VAT.

There are however lots of factors that you need to consider before deciding on the number of visits.

How often do you feed your cat?

If you feed your cat morning and evening then you will need 2 visits per day. Your cat will be used to that routine and it could be disruptive for them if they only received one meal a day. Also, with 2 visits a day we can make sure that the litter tray is kept extremely clean and tidy both morning and evening.

Are they an indoor or outdoor cat?

If you cat is indoor then you might need to get the litter changed/scooped twice per day. However if they are outdoor cats you may want us to let them out in the morning and bring them in during the evening. This way they can still get the fresh air they are used to when you are home.

Do they like a lot of company or are they very independent?

We know that some cats just don’t want to bother with a lot of company. They like their own space and can be shy when meeting new people. So one visit a day might suit them. If however they are extremely outgoing and sociable they may miss human interaction and one visit a day is probably not enough.

How many visits would you feel comfortable with?

What makes you feel happy? Perhaps you would feel more comfortable if a Cat Sitter was calling to the house morning and evening and turning light on and off to keep your home secure. Maybe you would prefer 2 pictures of your cat each day, rather than one. Yes that’s right – we send you pictures of your pets every time we visit. Perhaps you have other pets in the house and they need more than one visit per day.

Once you have decided how many visits you would like each day then we can work out a schedule to suit.

Maybe you will decide to get one visit the first day and two the second day…and so on. There is no problem customising a schedule to meet your needs. We want to make sure your and your cat are happy.

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