Can You Walk My Dog While I Am At Work? What Happens When You Hire A Dog Walker

Hire A Dog Walker

Here at Pet Sitters Ireland we get asked this question all the time. Dog owners are out at work all day and want to know if we can come and walk their dog for them while they are at work.

Having a dog walker to help at times when you are busy can be a real blessing. It can give you peace of mind knowing that you favourite pooch is getting out for some exercise during the day and getting that all important toilet break.

What happens when you hire a dog walker?

Once you have decided that you need a dog walker it’s really easy to set up the service on a regular or ad-hoc basis.

#1. Decide On A Schedule

You may decide that you need a dog walker to come every day and take your dog out for a mid day walk. Or you may feel that your dog needs a longer walk, morning and evening.

It really depends on your own schedule  – when do you leave the house in the morning and when do you return? How long is your dog used to being on their own?

If you are undecided you can always try out different options and see which suits best. Maybe you want to mix up the schedule and have 1 dog walk 1 day and then 2 dog walks the next day – it can be that flexible.

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Dog Walker

#2. Meet The Dog Walker

This is your time for you and your dog to get to know you dog walker. The meet and greet is the perfect opportunity for us to get to know everything about your dog.

  • Where is their favourite place to walk?
  • Are there other dogs on the street that they don’t like?
  • Do they have a favourite pee spot?
  • Where do you keep their towel to dry their paws when they get wet?

We want to know everything about your dog to make sure they have the most pleasurable dog walk with us!

#3. Keep Updated

It’s understandable you might worry about your dog while you are at work – are they happy, did the dog walker turn up, where did they go for a walk?

2 Things We Do To Ease Your Mind.

  1. We track visits with GPS – so we can see when they arrive and when they leave.
  2. We send you a pet care journal at the end of every visit to let you know how your dog is  – we even include some cute pictures!

If there are other things you need us to do while we are at the house let us know. Maybe in the winter months you want us to leave a light on for you getting home – no problem just add it to your service instructions when you book.

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