5 Tips To Stop Your Dog Chewing The Sofa

Dog WalkerYour new sofa receives compliments from everyone who visits your home. It’s comfortable and attractive, the ideal spot to relax after a long day of work. And, that’s just what you’re doing one evening, your feet propped up and a cool drink in your hand, when you notice…it.

A hole. On closer inspection, you discover it’s a gaping hole and only one individual can conceivably be the culprit: Your dog.

You’ve just lived the recurring nightmare of every pet owner with new furniture. Avoid that fear and worry, before you bring your new sofa in the door, by following five tips to stop your dog from chewing the sofa.

5 Tips To Stop Your Dog Chewing The Sofa

1. Provide your dog with plenty of chew toys. Oftentimes, the most attractive toys – like the sofa (maybe not a toy to you but most certainly to your dog) – are those that are forbidden. Give your dog plenty of chew toys – old socks rolled into a ball, rubber or soft chew toys (which you can find here and chew sticks – to keep him preoccupied and to allow him to engage in his natural instinct to chew. If he has enough of his own stuff to chew, he will have little incentive to go after the forbidden fruit – your sofa.

2. Set aside time for play each day. Dogs need a way to exert their energy every day. A dog walker is an ideal way to give your dog a break to play and to walk each day while you are at work. In addition, make sure you schedule a time for play each day. Your dog will thrive on the one-on-one attention and will be less likely to engage in destructive behavior.

3. Block off the room with a gate. It’s certainly not the most convenient option, but sometimes you have no choice but to block off areas in which your dog causes damage. Baby gates work well keeping smaller dogs (and those dogs who are not acrobatic jumpers) out of specific rooms.

4. Use a taste deterrent. A taste deterrent is often one of the final resorts for a frustrated pet parent. If all the chew toys and plenty of exercise, including a daily visit from a dog walker, and play time each day don’t work, consider purchasing a taste deterrent. You generally spray the deterrent on the object and, when your dog goes to chew, he gets that taste and it discourages him from chewing that spot any further.

Be forewarned, however. Some dogs won’t mind the taste of a deterrent, so you might have to try a few different products to find the one that works best for deterring your dog.

5. Make an appointment with the vet. Sometimes dogs chew for reasons beyond boredom. Sometimes there is an underlying medical problem, such as an issue with your dog’s teeth, that your vet can diagnose. If you provide your dog with plenty of chew toys and enough ways to expend his energy and he’s still chewing the sofa, you may want to make an appointment to see the vet.

Remember, dogs are natural chewers. Puppies need to chew to ease their itching gums while they are teething. Make sure your puppy or dog has plenty to chew so your sofa and other furniture don’t fall prey to his undivided attention.

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