5 Tips for Getting Rid Of Dog Hair

Get rid of dog hair

Do you struggle to get rid of dog hair?

You have guests arriving in only minutes when you notice it – your sofa is filled with dog hair. Then you look down at your beautiful black shirt and little dog hairs decorate it in an intricate pattern.

People with dogs understand the challenge of living a dog hair free life. Fellow dog families understand – when they see the stray strands of dog hair on your jacket or stuck to your jeans – that it’s even a sign of affection.

Sure, you may have removed the dog hair with a roller brush before you left but your overeager pooch may just have jumped up to say goodbye as you were headed out of the door.

Getting rid of dog hair may be possible for a short time but dog hair will be a recurring issue you will have to deal with consistently during your dog’s life.

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5 Tips for Getting Rid Of Dog Hair

#1. Use a damp cloth

Find an old cloth and quickly rinse it under water so it is damp but not soaked. Take the damp cloth and run it over the area from where you want to remove the dog hair: the sofa, chairs, clothes, and so on.

Other dog owners swear by using a damp mop to remove pet hair from hardwood floors or other non-carpeted areas.

#2. Invest in plastic dishwashing gloves

Dishwashing gloves offer a fast and an easy way to clean pet hair. Put the gloves on your hands and start moving your hand back and forth along the surface from which you want to remove the pet hair.

The hair will begin to grow into a ball that you can then just throw away.

#3. Try duct tape

Duct tape – or any sturdy tape – can quickly pick up fur or hair from any surface, including your clothes.

Be forewarned, however, that once the piece of tape becomes covered in hair, you will need to throw it away and get another piece of tape to continue the job.

You can also purchase lint rollers that are really handy for removing pet hair.

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#4. Vacuum frequently

Invest in a pet-friendly vacuum with a HEPA filter then vacuum your floors on a regular basis. If you have a dog who sheds frequently or you have more than one dog, you may have to vacuum more than once a day to ensure you are able to get rid of the dog hair.

These lint removers are also super handy for getting rid of hair from carpets.

#5. Groom your dog regularly

A well-groomed dog will still shed and will still get hair on the furniture and around the house. But, if you groom your dog on a regular basis, you will notice you will have to get rid of less dog hair around your house.

This grooming tool is perfect for keeping on top of lose hairs on your dog.

What is the most effective way you have found to get rid of dog hair?

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