How to Stop Your Cat from Scratching Furniture

All you did was walk out of the room, maybe to go get a snack from the kitchen. Your beloved feline friend was sleeping peacefully in her cat bed. You return only minutes later and stop mid-step. Your cat’s paws are raised and she’s ready to start clawing your brand new couch.

Fortunately, you’ve reached her in time to stop her from scratching.

You won’t always be so lucky. Cats are scratchers by nature and your belongings will be safe – if you keep the following in mind.

5 Tips To Stop Your Cat From Scratching Furniture

5 Tips To Stop Your Cat From Scratching Furniture

#1. Trim your cat’s nails.

If your cat has long nails, be sure to trim them frequently. Your cat may need her nails trimmed every few weeks or once a month. Shorter nails can help prevent unwanted scratching but will still allow your cat to retract and extend her nails as normal. They just won’t be as powerful.

#2. Provide an appropriate cat scratcher.

Give your cat something safe and fun that she can scratch. A cat scratching post or a cat scratching pad can satisfy your cat’s desire to scratch and will protect your furniture and other belongings at the same time.

#3. Give your cat a cat tree.

A cat tree can allow your cat a safe place to climb, to scratch, and to sleep. Some cat trees offer hiding spaces while others include hanging toys your cat can bat while she’s resting on the cat tree.

#4. Make sure your cat has plenty of toys.

Cats can become bored, too, and excessive scratching may be a sign that your cat doesn’t have enough to keep him mentally stimulated. Toys can be an effective scratching deterrent, especially those toys with catnip.

#5. Use a deterrent.

A deterrent – such as a spray with an unpleasant odor – can often be sufficient enough to keep your cat from scratching your furniture. If you decide to use a deterrent, make sure you apply it to the areas that your cat most likes to scratch. Double-sided tape has also been proven an effective deterrent.

Cats are natural scratchers. While there’s nothing you can do to stop a cat from scratching, you can stop your cat from digging inappropriately by providing him with a cat scratcher and cat toys. Be proactive and make sure your cat has plenty of love, affection, and toys to keep him occupied and less likely to scratch your furniture.

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