5 Fun Games To Play With Your Cat

Games Play With Cat

Many people imagine cats as peaceful, lazy creatures who spend much of their time lounging and napping and are wide awake with bursts of mad energy only at night. But the fact is cats are like any other animal – they need mental and physical stimulation to remain healthy and happy. Which is why it’s so important to have Games To Play With Your Cat.

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5 Fun Games To Play With Your Cat

Kittens generally have boundless energy and will excitedly play for quite a long time. Some cats, however, may need motivation and encouragement to play. Experts generally recommend at least two play sessions of a minimum of 15 minutes each day. Finding the right forms of play can make play time fun for both you and your cat, no matter their age.

#1. Play a Hunting Game

Cats are natural hunters and like to swat at whatever’s in their path, including your hand. Choose a toythat makes it easy for your cat to swat at it, as if hunting prey.

This is something you could make out of an old sock, a piece of fabric etc.

#2. Get Your Cat Jumping

Many breeds of cats love to jump. Use your cat’s love of jumping by making it a fun game. You can purchase toys, like a door bouncer, that you can attach to a door or that you can hold high above your cat’s head. Either way, your cat is likely to jump and jump, trying to grab hold of the toy.

These kind of toys don’t have to be expensive and can easily be made for free from materials around the home.

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#3. Offer Your Cat Toys With Sound

Cats are attracted to sound, making toys with bells or squeakers fun. There are so many cheap toys you can get in the discount stores which have bells in that your cat will love.

With these types of toys though I would always supervise your cat and make sure that you take the toy away if they get damaged at all.

If you have a dog be careful they don’t get hold of them as often they break easily and something could be swallowed.

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#4. Switch It Up

Cats can get bored quickly. Like people, cats want variety. Don’t give your cat all of their toys at once. Instead, put all of their toys somewhere out of sight.

Give them one or two toys each day. Put them away the next day and give them one or two of their other toys. The variety will keep them engaged, especially during play time.

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#5. Go For a Walk

Walks aren’t just for dogs. In fact, some cat breeds, like the Bengal cat, need so much exercise that long walks are a necessary part of their daily routine.

Many people who live in cities do not allow their cat out without being on a lead for their own safety. You can purchase a harness and lead from your local Pet Store.

A healthy cat gets plenty of play time and exercise. Playing with your cat is a bonding experience that can fulfill many of your cat’s needs, including mental and physical stimulation and exercise.

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