Concerned About You & Your Pets During The Coronavirus?

Coronavirus and Pets

We are living in a strange new world caused by a virus so tiny we can’t see it, but its impact is so huge every person in this country has been affected by it.

And for those of us who are lucky enough to have a pet, we are relishing our animal cuddles even more, as we are told to keep our distance from our loved ones.

“Social distancing” is our new normal. Restaurants and bars that would have been packed with families celebrating with their families are now empty, shut down to help protect those same families from Covid-19.

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Are Our Pets Safe During This Time?

Pets are part of our family too and it is wonderful to know that we can safely enjoy their company during this difficult time when we may have to self-isolate from other family members.

According to the HSE there is no evidence that pets such as cats and dogs can catch or spread coronavirus.

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Increased Pressure On Our Health Care Workers

The Corona virus has changed the structure of all our daily lives. And for some it has meant increased hours at work and extra pressures.

Health care workers are always our heroes and are rising to this challenge with their usual incredible support for our society.

Many like us have pets and that bond will strengthen their resolve!

We too are now front line in protecting our society and can do our part to support our heroes by listening to and adhering to the HSE and Government guidelines, which you can find on the Garda Siochana website.


Protect Your Mental Health During This Difficult Time

The HSE website has all the information you need to help you cope and that includes taking care of your mental wellbeing.

There is fear of course but in the shadows of this pandemic, kindness and a new awakened sense of community is growing.

And don’t forget the benefits your pets can bring!

Our pets bring us joy and laughter which is a great cure for worry and fear!

Enjoy playtime and walks with your pets…they are fantastically unaware of what is going on with this virus…and for that shared time you spend with them you can forget about your worries.

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How To Get Through The Next Few Weeks

  • Take inspiration from your pets.
  • Watch how they view the world.
  • Relish the now and inhale the fresh air and enjoy the sunshine we are getting this week.
  • Show Loyalty to your family, friends and community by adhering to the health authority guidelines.
    Show Bravery by not letting the fear win.
  • Determination is a key part of our survival…We don’t give up. We fight together and support each other.
    Embrace each day and enjoy simpler things…follow your pets lead.
  • Get your information from credible resources and limit your exposure to social media if you feel that it is affecting your mental health.

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