Pet Sitters Ireland Nose of Tralee 2021 (Semi Finalists)

Thank you to everyone who took part in the first stages of the Nose of Tralee. It’s been so lovely seeing all of your entries and your social media posts. Your pets are all absolutely amazing.

A big Congratulations to those who have made it through to the next stage of the 2021 Nose of Tralee 

  • If your pet’s photo is featured below it means they are in the top 3 for their county – based on the votes they received.
  • Next our judges take over and they will decide which pet will represent each of the 32 Counties. And then go on to compete for the overall title of Nose of Tralee 2021.

What Happens During Judging?

Each pet will be judged on the following and the pet with the most points will go through to the final. Final scores will not be made public and in the event that the winner does not want to participate in the final stages then the runner up will be put through to the final.

  • Number of Public Votes (33% of score)
  • Quality, cuteness and uniqueness of photo (33% of score)
  • Written entry (33% of score)

When Will The Winners Be Announced?

We hope to be able to announce the final 32 Noses around the 20th July – with voting starting again on the 3rd August.

We will be in touch with each of the final 32 with further instructions for the competition. So please keep an eye on your email 🥰

Pet Sitters Ireland Nose of Tralee 2021 (Semi Finalists)



Paterdales are renowned for their persistence so Jake’s having another go after being voted the Antrim Nose 2020. It was so much fun we decided to enter again this year. I can sum up Jake’s personality & how he has enriched my life by spelling out his name. J is for joy – Jake takes EVERY opportunity to have fun, never runs out of energy & is delighted to meet every man, woman & dog that crosses his path on our daily walks. He would chase a ball all day long if he could. As a retired working dog his favourite place is a field, where he zooms around like a pup. A is for adaptable. Jake has taken the transition from working dog to pampered pooch completely in his stride. I can take him anywhere, he sits in dog friendly establishments and sips Pupaccinos like he was born to it rather than to a life of hard graft. K is for King, Jake has captured my heart and won’t be giving up prime position any time soon. Finally, E is for everlasting, the bond that we share. We are joined at the hip, Jake and I, and I am grateful for every day I get to spend with this happy, cuddly, intelligent, curious, hilarious wee chap.


Rolly kept us all sane during lockdown. He helped me when I had to teach from home every day, although his typing skills didn’t improve much. Rolly went for a long walk every day with my daughter to help with her type 1 diabetes. They walked their way to fitness and mental health. We love him dearly and couldn’t be without our little furry friend.


Everyone nose (knows) a smile like this would melt anyone’s heart



Setters have a great nose .I have mine in all kinds of mischief that I nose I’ll get away with because I nose I’m cute.


Chance is caring good natured cocker spaniel that loves meeting new people and making new doggie friend.


This little lady is not only the most adorable and affectionate wee beauty but the best mouser ever !! Don’t let that glamorous look fool you !



She is the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet. She smiles all the time and just loves company of all types. She loves dogs and humans equally and gets most excited when people want to talk to her or pet her. She absolutely loves swimming and the beach even though she’s nine she twirls and yelps like a puppy when she sees the sea. Heidi rescued me just over 5 years ago when she was 4. When she first came to out home she was anxious but while she had every reason to be mistrusting of humans she welcomed us with open paws into her heart. Heidi is by my side all the time and we do everything together, she doesn’t know she’s big and scary to some people but when she realises people are afraid she’ll lay down and crawl quietly to their side so they don’t feel afraid. Heidi is so intuitive and kind you can really sense her soul when you meet her. She’s mature and really good girl but when Ted is in the wash she sits by the machine until they’re reunited. ( that’s Ted in the photo) I think Heidi would make an amazing nose of the year because she embodies the best of what dogs bring to our lives and anyone would be lucky to just meet her. I realise just how luck I am to have to share my life. Also, she smiles on command and loves the Camera ha ha


Milo is a great doggo. He came from a dog shelter 9 years ago. Although we don’t know exactly what breed he is, we suspect that he might be a Nova Scotia Duck Toller as he has a lot of similarities with the breed, including his peculiar red coat. He is very energetic and playful. He is a hurler too and can be seen plucking sliotars from the sky. He likes to cool down after exercising by jumping into an old barrel filled with water as you can see in this photo. Milo is a great swimmer too, always waiting for us by the river to throw a stick in for him to fetch. He is extremely intelligent and has even been thought to climb ladders! Milo would love to be the Nose of Tralee this year, so please vote for him 😊


Bear has changed my life since he came into it. He makes me smile every single day. He has looked after me when I was unwell and even brought my favourite blanket to me when I was in bed sick. He is so in tune with people. He loves people and other dogs. He loves the water, to play ball, and run through fields. He is the most amazing dog and I think he deserves the recognition for that.

Pet Sitter



Hi my name is Mia. I love to jump and run around the house, I love talking to people and telling them what I want. I love to play ball, especially my nerf dog nerf gun that shoots tennis balls away for me to run for. I also love the water but I’ll never get my tail or my ears wet!! I go running every day with mammy but sometimes I run too fast when I get excited by the birds and squirrels in the forest, I really just want to be their friend. My best friend is Lexi who lives in Tipperary with my mammys family. I visit her as often as I can and we play lots and chase eachother around the table in the garden! I didnt get to see Lexi during covid but I’m excited to be able to play with her now! I’m super excited for my mammy and daddy to get married next year and I’m excited to be the dog of honour on the day! I think I would be the bestest Nose of Tralee doggy because I am so friendly, I’m also super nosey and always like to know what everyone is doing and I love playing and talking to all types of dogs and people! Love of love, Mia! Xoxo


I would love if Kody won this prize as he is a very special puppy who was recently diagnosed with JLPP , which means he will end up being paralysed and maybe have to be put to sleep , but until then he is loved and played with and cared for every day , he deserves to win nose of Tralee as he is that nosey that when he stayed in the utility room at night he ate through the kitchen door trying to get in , a photo shoot with the kids would be just super for us to have the memories


Homer isn’t a typical chihuahua ( ankle nipper, yapping creature) as people often think! He’s a heart of gold, very affectionate little man who also served me as a therapy dog when no one else could help me! He looks after us all, including our two other dogs( Tilly and Trixie). Great personality and outstanding manners! Homer loves lasagna and trips to the vets as he enjoys the attention he gets and opportunity to meet other dogs and cats he gets on with everyone and his best friend is no other but a gigantic st Bernard called Bear. Homer deserves the title of Nose of Tralee because of his personality. Always looking out for others and fearlessly protecting myself ,my partner, our 3 kids and dogs! Be is our star and we hope to have him in our lives for many more years( he’s only 4).



Peanut Dunne deserves to be the Nose of Tralee as she has the elegance and poise that is needed for a representative of this title. Although Peanut is a mere 2 years old, in this time she has developed a uniqueness and charisma that is unmatched by any other potential nose! Peanut enjoys short walks (to match her short legs), sitting on laps, belly rubs and baths! Saturday is Peanut’s favourite day of the week as she loves a lie in at the weekend. Peanut is no stranger to the camera and has appeared in our County newspaper – she is somewhat of a local celebrity, but most definitely grounded and modest. To win the title of Nose of Tralee has been a life long dream for Peanut. She has always dreamt of being a pageant queen and is excited to participate in the running for the 2021 title.


My 21 year old Dandie Dinmont Murphy. He returned to Ireland with me from Australia in 2009. He is a rescue dog that had 7 homes before I was lucky enough to win his love. This picture was taken last week just a week after he had surgery to remove a growth from his mouth. He is the ultimate little fighter. That nose has gotten him into a lot of mischief over the years. He has mountains of attitude and has won the respect of every dog in our local woods. That ear that is sticking up is permanently at high alert in case he is missing out on a walk or food. I love this little man and I am privileged that I have had his love for so many years. The Dandie was bred for hunting otters in the 15th century. Unfortunately they are getting rarer now. But he is a perfect example of this wonderful breed. He is brave, feisty, energetic, funny, quirky, loving and strong. At 21 years of age he is as eager as ever to play and explore. He is the boss and long may that last.


Ruby came to us just a week after our 14yo Jack Russell had to go to sleep in 2019. She is just the cutest, smartest little doggo. She’s very timid although you wouldn’t think it when she’s in the safety of her front garden. She lives helping me in the gardem, she digs the holes, I plant the flowers. She loves hugs and giving them, she would just hop up and give my nose a lil lick, and hop back down to her spot i front of the fire. She’s a great watchdog too, loves sitting on the back of the chair watching the world go by, and she let’s us all know when anyone, anyone at all passes. She lives for her zoomies up the field, that’s her happy place, no cars or tractors to frighten her. What more can I say only she’s the bestest lil pupster we’ve got. A full on member of the fam bam 😍❣️❤️



I am Gerry, I am Greek and I am 6.5 in human years! My last name was given to my because of my colour and I am a Golden Retriever! In 2018, I decided to move to Ireland, specifically Cork with my humans. I based my decision on the fact that Ireland has the most green fields and parks in the whole world. Cork is a pawsome place to live, I’ve made numerous friends in my daily walks. My plan this year is to be the next Nose of Tralee and show everyone how I much I appreciate their hospitality.


Willows positive attitude is infectious. She provides endless entertainment in our house whether it’s her excitement that you’re home or her accidentally running into the door while playing. Her floppy ears and puppy dog eyes are the highlight to our day. She follows you into every room and even wakes you in the morning to get her dose of daily cuddles.


Angel is a 3 year old Maltese. She is super intelligent and fearless. Although she would almost fit in a handbag, Angel has real attitude and thinks she’s the biggest dog in the world..! She is a bundle of joy and fun and absolutely loves to have her picture taken, obliging with a head tilt just to ensure she adds to her charm. Angel knows exactly how to get what she wants and certainly doesn’t let her size hamper or stop her. She adores her canine siblings and loves nothing better than sharing her love by washing each of their faces before bed every night. Angel being such a smart, beautiful, loveable bundle of joy certainly would be a worthy winner of the Nose of Tralee. She would make an outstanding Nose of Tralee and would love nothing more than having her picture taken.

Pet Sitter



Bitsy is a 4 year old Derry girl 😀. Bitsy has had a hard start in life. Left to stray on the streets with a shattered leg, she was rescued by pet fbi. After specialist surgery we fostered Bitsy to help with her recovery. Needless to say after a few weeks we knew she had already found her forever home. Bitsy loves life, she is happy & contented. Her favourite hobby is eating, singing along to Nathan Carter & protecting us from the postman or anyone else who dares come within a mile of our house. Her brother Jack & late sister dolly dotes both were both Derry modi’s in the past, so the pressure is in Bitsy bop to carry on the tradition. No better woman to do it. She has shown us that no matter what you come up against in life, just keep going & don’t give up. Go Bitsy ❤️.


Cooper is a 7 year old 6 stone Kelpie. He had a difficult start in life, being found in a shed in Donegal with 15 other dogs before being rescued by Rainbow shelter. He quickly found his forever home and, after a tentative start, allowed us into his pack 😊 He is the life and soul of the party, running round with the kids and winding up his 15 year old harrier hound brother Freddie by stealing all the toys! He loves his walks and watching animals on the TV, particularly other dogs!!! He welcomes us with a wagging tail every time we arrive home and is always there for a cuddle if one is needed. He is definitely a gentle giant and has enriched our lives beyond words! We love him to the moon and back and think he would make a fabulous Nose of Tralee!! 🐕 ❤️❤️


She is my little baby and brought so much happiness into my life I’d be lost without her 💗 as someone who struggles with anxiety having my little Dottie around reallt improves my mental health and I just adore her especially after losing my wee dog if 16 years just two weeks before little miss Dottie came into the world


Scooby 007

Scooby 007 should win the nose of Tralee because he is the best dog, he is very gentle and loyal, he can do some mean tricks and just loves obstacle courses, he loves to hate cats but made an exception with our new rescue cat Elvis,.he really helped us all through the lock down.. he is my special agent and we have a great BOND and I love him.I 💘❤


Éirinn is a very lovable and friendly puppy, always puts a smile on everyone’s face. The best companion and such a gentle soul. Éirinn was diagnosed with heart disease last month and is very lucky to be alive. She would be an amazing nose


When I needed a hand I found your paw ❤️



Nose of Tralee Abby is only 2 years old but has had such a difficult start to life. At a young age she was diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia and bilateral patellar luxation which sadly has resulted in her developing arthritis at a very young age. She was only 1 when she had her first major orthopaedic surgery on her knee last June which sadly was unsuccessful and Abby became very depressed. Only 9 weeks after her first surgery she had to go back in for further surgery on the same leg. Our plan had been for Abby to have further surgery on her other knee the following year but unfortunately just before Christmas, Abby become very unwell again so her surgery was brought forward to the week before Christmas. Within 6 months, Abby had underwent 3 major orthopaedic surgeries and all while she was just a year old. We hope Abby will not have any further surgery this year, as she needs and absolutely deserves a break as she has been through so much in her short life. Thankfully she has amazing vets & hydrotherapists who look after her on a regular basis with her laser, acupuncture, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy – their constant support is what got Abby through the last 2 years. We are so proud of her as Abby has had to spend a lot of time at the vets despite her having anxiety, she has coped remarkably well. We are so blessed and grateful that Abby is still here, she truly is a miracle.


Maggie has a lovely long nose and she loves to go on her ‘sniffaris’. She is the most beautiful greyhound and a very loved companion.


Elsa is our lovely 3 year old Labrador who despite her own health problems, she continues to be a support to her younger sister Abby who is also a Labrador. While Elsa’s sister was recovering from her surgeries, Elsa also ended up in the vets which resulted in her needing an MRI of her brain. She has amazing vets who regularly monitor her health and she also receives regular acupuncture. She truly is a special girl and without a doubt she got her little sister through some very hard days – we are so lucky to have her.

Pet Sitter



Theo with his infectious smile should be the nose of tralee. His smile can light up any room and boost moods immensely. No matter what happens he makes everything so much better with his smile, licks and his heart full of love


Sally would make the best nose of Tralee as she would represent rescue dogs 💖 she is one of the bravest and strongest dogs I’ve known and is such a fighter! To see how she nearly lost her life and pulled through, and although is still on meds, she is running around loving life! It’s amazing to see how far she has come and would definitely be a dog to look up to! She absolutely loves a good squeaky toy and treatos are her absolute favourite, she’ll do anything for a treato, including posing for the camera. She’s also one of the nosiest dogs and must know what’s going on everywhere so she fits the whole ‘nose’ of Tralee perfect 😂 she is obsessed with the car and loves a good nose out the window! She is an absolute princess, but you would also think that she was a diva with the way she huffs when she doesn’t get her way 😂 there’s so many things I could say about her, but in a nutshell she is just one of the most courageous, strongest and loving dogs I have ever met! And I mean who could say no to those beautiful eyes? 💖


Rory should win the nose of Tralee because he can brighten up anyone’s day! He has a quirky like personality, which craics me up. He is naturally great with all humans but especially children. He’d kiss you death if he could. Myself and partner moved into a new estate in the first lockdown as everyone was social distancing and not mingling at all, it became very hard to make friends and get to know your neighbours! However Rory bursted on to our scene a few months ago and everything is much brighter with him in our lives! In fact I think the neighbours know Rory better than they know us. Going for a walk makes me feel like a celebrity lol Rory is mad to say to hello everyone but equally everyone wants to say hello to Rory. Some people even just want to get into a photo with him 🙂 He’s a fast leaner and he’s love fetch!! We are hopefully going to bring our paddle boarding soon as he’s seen to an adventurous dog, loves the outdoors. He gives the biggest welcome home every time we walk through the door and new visitors always get the royal treatment when they arrive! We have also given the nick name the toe terrorist because despite the amount of toys he has all he wants is your toes! He’s so good at sneaking up on you in fact we had to put a kitten bell on him to hear him coming 💚🐶

Pet Sitter



This is the fabulous Meg who celebrated her 7th birthday on the 2nd of June. She is sure a joy to have around you and puts smiles on everyone including her doggy friends. Meg loves long walks, playing with the ball and chasing her friends the cats and bridies outside. Meg is an adorable collie who will make you fall in love with her within seconds. She would make a brilliant nose of Tralee because she is so fuffly,warm and gives you and everyone around her big hugs and kisses.


My Irish red setter Rua is just the most beautiful dog, last year he was knocked down by a car and broke his two front limbs, were thankful to the expertise of our vets who operated on Rua and thankfully all is good with him, bring an Irish red setter and from the hunting line he has an ‘amazing nose’ for anything that moves, he would make a wonderful ‘nose of Tralee and make me proud’


Coco is a little lovable teddy Bear ♥️



Finn is a one year old red setter with lots of energy and gets up to all kinds of mischief whether it’s grabbing something off the table and making a run for it or hiding his toys in different places each night incase anyone dares to touch them. Finn loves to use his paws to bang on his food box to let you know it’s dinner time. Finn loves the car so much he whines until you open both back windows to ensure he won’t miss a thing on either side of his journeys. He sure likes getting his own way!! Finn would make a great nose of Tralee because that snout can sniff absolutely everything so much so that he knows exactly which drawer I’ve hid his treats in. He’s full of attitude but he brings a smile to everyone’s face whose lucky enough to meet him.


Lexi came to us through the ISPCA after being in a testing centre for 5 years. Lexi had never been out of a cage, never felt sunshine or rain on her back or grass at her toes until she came to live with us 3.5 years ago. Shes still a very scared little girl but I dont think she will change now. But she is so loving and trusts our family so much now. We are so proud of where she has come from and we love her so much ❤

Terance Hughes

Terance would be a great nose of tralee ambassador due to the simple fact he would excel at the role. He is never happier than when he has his nose on the ground or in a bush or indeed anywhere that his nose can fit his will be there. He loves to nose from the front



This is Polly my first born baby. He is 10 and half years old but still has the spirit of a young one. He loves sweets I am amazing that he still has teeth with the amount of treats and sweet chilli tayto he eats. He is a long haired cat who hates to get brushed… during the summer he grows a few dreads and he thinks that’s cool.. He still thinks he’s a young one on the street.. I think the dreads gives him some street credit. To me he will always be my baby. He will sit with me for hours while I work and not a peep out of him. He will be content as long as he is near me. He is such a sweet boy and will always know if I need a bit of love. He gives kisses in abundance and will never short you. I am the luckiest mom to have such a beautiful little boy in my life and he deserves to be the next Nose of Tralee


I believe Ispini would make the perfect Nose of Tralee for his sass, attitude and sheer disregard of rules, authority or decorum of any kind! As far as Ispini is concerned this is his world and we are merely living in it! Every day is like a Netflix series with him around – one day a comedy when he runs around the house with a tea towel on his head, the next day a drama when he whines continuously if we are not in the same room, the next a thriller when he decides to make death drying jumps off the couch, and all too often a horror when he decides that going outside to the toilet is over rated so uses a brand new rug as his lavatory! We love him for his unique and quirky personality … we always wanted a dog with a difference and that is exactly what we got with Ispini. He is half a dog but a dog and half high with a personality bigger than a Great Dane! While his stubbornness drives me round the bend at times it’s the trait I love most about him and makes him the character he is! We got him in January and as cheesy as it sounds he has really completed our family. He was the light of our lockdown and he will be part of all our future adventures when things open up again. His small stature and cute waddle brings a smile to everyone’s face that he meets and I can’t help saying “who is the most handsome dog” about a million times a day! I know I am biased and have gone full dog mom in this entry but I really do believe Ispini is one in a trillion and I am willing to wear off the ear of anyone who will listen! I want to share Ispinis cuteness with the nation as I think his adorable face and whopper personality is truly deserving of the Nose of Tralee title! Pick Ispini and I guarantee you won’t regret it – he would carry the title with pride and fulfill any duties required (for a decent amount of snacks of course)! You would be a silly sausage not to pick ISPINI FOR NOSE OF TRALEE!


Hi guys I am Arlo, I am super fluffy and pint sized. That doesn’t stop me from carrying out my day to day activities as the protector of my pack, top sniffer in all the land and chief bug muncher. I always leave time to terrorise the neighbourhood cats and birdies that dare enter my lands. Having said that my main hobbies are chewing slippers, cushions, rugs and handbags while mom isn’t looking, I also enjoy my teddy bears , soccer balls and squeaking my froggie, mousey, penguin and Ellie the elephant. I’d love to be the nose of tralee because I am super photogenic and will sit, lie down and give the paw but only for biscuits. Xxx

Pet Sitter


Teddy Ban Bear

Our bichon frise Teddy Bán Bear, in our opinion and a lot of others too, would be the best candidate for the Nose of Tralee 2021. He is the most lovable, loyal, playful, adorable and clever ball of fur. He’s very polite providing paw shakes with anyone who asks and quite cool giving fist bumps with the kids. He’s super cute and loves to pose as you can see from his pictures.  He loves to snuggle and be snuggled. He’s very sensitive to others emotions and will always try diffuse any situation with a play of his toys. He has so much love to give and is not shy in letting us know. To us he’s one of the family to others a cute and cuddly friend. He was a semi-finalist for Kildare in last years Nose of Tralee competition but fingers and paws crossed he will win this year.


Wade is a dog of many grumbles. His low motorcycle like sound for “play with me” or his higher whiney pitch for “pet me”. Or more often than not his tortured sigh of “I need all your attention but gonna act like I don’t”. Then there’s his constant need for food. He’d often try trick those who don’t know him that he’s never been fed a day in his life with his giant puppy dog eyes. And mustn’t forget hes always on call for his security detail. He staves off strangers walking by the house with his impressive bark. Most importantly however, hes got a nose of curiosity. Whether it be sniffing out food well beyond his reach or those neighbourhood cats he’s just got to meet on his walk. He brings laughter everywhere he goes because although he’s small, his personality is big.


Meet Vanilla the Chicken! She comes in at a stunning unknown years of age and even more unknown past. She’s suspiciously orange with a love for the sun and… frogs…? Ehh forget I said that. (Vanilla swears she’s never seen a frog in her life but multiple frog witnesses claim different). She’s mysteriously round and weirdly soft with white spots of white like droplets of vanilla ice cream. Vanilla is the only creature worthy of winning the nose of Tralee, sure she’s been practising her ballet for months! She believes by winning she’ll restore the nations love and appreciation for the long lost sport that is Chicken drifting? (Vanilla refused to give us any more information on whatever chicken drifting might be.) When she’s not living a lavish life out in the sun, Vanilla can be found engaging in many of her interesting and diverse activities. Her personal favourite has to be catching fro-WORMS! Catching worms and absolutely not frogs. Another one of her luxurious hobbies is crow hunting. Vanilla, a true example of the ideal apex predator, stands like a mighty hunter in her coop in the mornings, and sings (screeches) the second a crow even looks at her, establishing dominance and brainwashing them into working for her. Last but not least, Vanillas companion and her oldest chicken friend passed away, and she’s working hard to prove she too can lie out in the sun just as well as her old friend used to, AND that she’s better at chicken drifting than her. (Still no info from Vanilla on what chicken drifting could even possibly be.) Anyway, Vanilla (and her owners) would like to thank the judges for reading through her incredibly long and slightly strange story and hopes that she can prove chickens are just as good of a pet as any to everyone. 🙂



I think Ice should be the nose of Tralee because of how far he has come since being rescued 5yrs ago. Ice was kept in a cage at the end of the garden and visiting children poked him with sticks to wind him up and make him angry. He has since became an ambassador for the breed and he is loved by all who meet him. He is amazing with people and children and he shows this at fundraising events for husky rescue Ireland and he has even been to schools to help educate young kids about how to treat a dog right and to never inflict cruelty in Any shape or form. Ice is the Alpha of the pack of the 9 dogs we own, but sadly Ice recently had a mild stroke and his health is quavering at the moment. He is a legend and I love my boy so much that it actually hurts to see him go downhill.


Bowie always has a smile for everyone and has a kind, friendly and fun nature. He is our Teddy bear and would make a great nose of tralee. He cheers everyone up even on our walks.


Romeo came to live with us in his forever home just one short week ago. He has just been amazing since we adopted him. He is trusting and so loving. He is a rescue from an amazing animal charity in Kerry. Even though he hasnt had an easy start in life he is just adorable. We are so lucky to have him and look forward to lots of adventures in the future xx

Pet Sitter



Garvin is a very special rescue boy still learning to trust humans after a terrible start to life but look how incredibly handsome this boy has turned out to be despite everything


My name is Fonzie and my Mommy says that I am her world – I think that sounds like a really good thing! My Mommy adopted me when I was 11 months old. Very soon we both knew that we were meant to be together. We love each other the very biggest much that you can love someone. In 2013 I moved to live in Canada with my family and, while I was there I went to Training classes. The lady there said that I should become a Therapy Dog so my Mommy got me properly trained and I passed my exams with 100% marks. Mommy was so happy she was jumping up and down with excitement. In 2019 I came back to live in Ireland and Mommy took me to be assessed as an Irish Therapy Dog and I passed that too. Mommy was jumping again!! But I didn’t get to work yet in Ireland as the Covid thing wouldn’t let me. Instead I have become my ‘sisters’ support dog. She is scared of going to the vet and the groomers so I have to take her. Everyone thinks it’s really funny that one dog takes another dog to the vet!! Last week my sister had to have a little surgery thing done and the vet allowed me to stay with her all day in the clinic, even when she was being sedated, as she was really frightened. The lovely vet gave us a room together to spend the day in and we had our bed and toys from home with us – it was really cool. My Mommy and lots of other people say that there is something really special about me, but I’m just Fonzie and I am a happy little dog so I like to make everyone else happy too. I am 10 years old so I kinda know what people and dogs like at this stage and I always do my best to help them. I came to Kerry today on holidays with my Mommy, Daddy and sister and I am going to visit Tralee to see what kind of noses they are looking for there. Maybe they will like my nose and I can be be the Nose of Tralee! Best of luck to all the other dogs too – we’re all very special and that’s why everyone loves us so much.


Violet would make a great nose of Tralee because is the best little girl. For a 6 month old puppy she is fantastic with my children she loves them so much and already looks out for them. She’s also so clever and so obedient. She has a mad side every evening once the kids go to bed she comes in and does zoomies all around the house before she settles down she’s so funny.



Teddy was found abandoned at 4 weeks old, we adopted from a rescue centre. He ended up losing alot of his hair due to mange and as a cooky eye. As you can see he recovered and loves modelling. He is a gorgeous dog with lots of character.

Mr Wilson

Mr Wilson has just turned one. He is the most loveable, loyal boy and will try his paw at anything. He loves to come on hikes, swimming and playing with his tennis ball. Mr Wilson has changed our family for the better. He loves everyone one he meets. He is a beautiful blenheim king charles cavalier spaniel. He loves to learn new tricks and so far he can sit, lay down, rollover, give paw, wait and speak. He loves to walk off lead and had great recall. I am very proud to say Mr Wilson is our dog! 🐕😍

Terry the terrific terrier

Terry the terrific terrier is my name. I have a keen eye for people who love me. Running my house can be very stressful, but at the end of the day I sit down to a big bowl of pasta and chicken, and make plans for tomorrow in my dreams.
Pet Sitter



Bella is a very special dog. She came into my life during a particularly tough time for me and changed my life and me for the better. I call her my personal therapy dog. She is sweet, funny, playful and so friendly! She makes me laugh out loud every single day. When we are out walking she always makes me stop just so she can say hello to other doggies and their owners. She has the kindest eyes and the friendliest tail wag ever and everyone in our area knows Bella. Since I’ve got Bella I met more people and made more friends than during my entire life before she arrived. In April 2019, when I decided to get a dog, I visited the Limerick County Council Dog Shelter and saw this young Collie mix puppy curled up in a ball, looking so sad and lonely and I knew I wasn’t leaving without her. Here is my Bella now – pure rogue – smart, loving, curious, energetic, crazy happy pupper! She is a true sports fanatic and owns an impressive collection of balls – football, rugby, tennis and squeakers. She is into walking and belongs to our local Limerick Dog Walks club. She loves hiking – she accompanied me on the St. Pat’s GAA Dingle Way Challenge in June 2019 when she was only 7 months old! She always keeps me company on my hikes and runs. In February 2020 Bella and I took part in the 99k for Canines challenge and helped raise much needed funds for Dogs Trust Ireland. She loves water and herding swallows. She goes wherever I go. I wouldn’t go anywhere she couldn’t go as well. I think she truly deserves to be The Nose of Tralee 2021 and would be the perfect ambassador of the Limerick City and County because she brings happiness and laughter everywhere she goes.


He’s an adorable almost 5 year old rescue that we’ve had since Nov 2018. He certainly wasn’t smiling when we got him but boy has he come a long way. He’s one of 3 rescues we have and he’s just the sweetest boy now.


Beautiful Bichon 1 year old Yana, born in Tralee but residing now in Limerick would be honoured to claim the title of her ancestral home and make her kin in the kingdom proud. She is an outgoing lady, loves meeting new people and hanging out with her pawpals. Hobbies include going on long walks, cat watching, fine dining and snoozing. Yana for no. 1!



I’m Bagheera, yes that’s me. Ive travelled from Russia, over the deep blue sea. My new home’s not far from Ballinalee! I’m a Great Dane but proudly now Irish, you see! I’m big and I’m strong and I love to run free I’m a real gentle giant and as kind as can be, that’s why I’d be the best choice for The Nose of Tralee!


At 8 weeks old Toby is ready to show off his gorgeous looks and even better personality. I think Toby would make a great Nose Of Tralee because even though he is mainly sleeping, he has brought fun and joy back to our home after our other dog sadly, passed away. It helps that he is just adorable! Even trying to pick one photo of him was so difficult! He is as unique as he is charismatic! With green eyes instead of the usual brown for a Golden Lab makes for a very photogenic pup!


Toby would be a great Nose of Tralee because he is as cute as a button. When we are out walkung peoole stop to pet him and say how cute he is. He is such great company and was great to have during Covid to keep me busy. I love him to bits, we go for lovely walks and play a lot with balls! His cuteness alone steals many a heart💚
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Patch!! Reserve goalie for Dundalk FC, trained by Pat Cullen, nothing gets passed his nose! C’MON da town! Patch is a wonderful pooch who loves nothing more than exploring, collecting balls and giving love ❤️


“Ode to Lady” Lady is precious, we’ve had her for ages. 14 years old and she’s our gorgeous baby. Her beautiful manner, with eyes that shine bright with wisdom and love for us all day and night! Her wet little nose likes to snuggle in close to us, looking for cuddles, her walks and ofcourse belly rubs! She lost her mate Sparkie quite suddenly last year. Another reason why we hold her so dear. She’s part of our family, a piece of our heart, our stunning red setter so cherished from the start. Our heart’s delight when she runs wild and free, that’s why we love Lady, our Nose of Tralee.
Winny McFloof
The pale moon was rising above Cooley mountains The sun was declining when a kitten found me Born to a stray on our bed in the winter We gave her the beautiful name of Winny She was floofy and cute as a bee in the summer Yet, ’twas not her beauty alone that won me Oh no! ‘Twas the spark in her eyes ever gleaming That made me love Winny, the Nose of Tralee❤
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Bailey arrived to us in July 2019 from rescue group Madra. Since then we have been training hard with SARDA Ireland to become an Air scenting search and rescue dog. She is progressing very well and will hopefully pass her assessment in the next year. Bailey is very gentle with children and elderly alike and is the most loveable pooch. She loves nothing more than a long walk and a play with her ball. She has given me purpose and drive all throughout covid. She’s the best personal trainer a person could need, she keeps pushing me on when I just want to stop 🤣. She’s my best friend and deserves the best. She’s going to be a great search dog soon and will hopefully save lots of lives.


Herro Hoomans! My name is Murphy and I am a 5 year old cockapoo. I live with my Mam in Mayo and as you can see, I am never happier than when I’m on the beach. All my pawfriends would agree that there is nothing better than rolling in stinky seaweed, running into the sea after the waves, getting sand ALL over your fur and chasing the seagulls. It’s even better when its windy! It makes me go extra crazy and wild! Me and my Mam are best friends and she takes such good care of me by making sure I get to walk on the beach a few times a week because I love it so much. She takes lots of photos of me which she said you can look at on Instagram (whatever that is)! Does it mean I get treatos? My hooman thinks I should win because she says I’ve helped her get through some tough times, I’m always by her side and make her happy. (I just stay close by in case she has treats- jokes, I love her really)! If we won, we would be very happy and would bark all about it on our instagram page and promote our local county of Mayo which is very beautiful. Thanks for considering us and if you’re ever in Mayo, please let us know and we’ll meet you on the beach for a windy walk! Don’t forget the treats, luv Murph


Rocco is our 3 year old who was sent to us in a time of sadness. I recieved him as a gift from a friend for my daughter who’s grandmother had passed away so he was a gift to help her get through her grief. As it turned out Rocco was my saviour when we had our very first lockdown in March I started having panic attacks and was refusing to leave the house also refusing to let anyone in. Each day Rocco would sit with me and never leave my side but was also always trying to get me up to play. He was clearly board bless him. Eventually after two weeks of hiding away I got up one day as he was crying to play and get out. I got dressed put his lead on and ended up taking up a walking challenge for the Mater hospital we walked 10,000 steps a day for an entire month and I have never had an attack since. He is the best pup anyone could ever ask for. My reason to get up and out my life saver Rocco 💜🐕
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I think Riley the Bernese Mountain Dog would make a great Nose of Tralee because at 20 weeks old he is already a big gentle giant. He loves all other dogs and animals including is sister Tabby the cat. He is so loyal and is just so cute. How could you not pick Riley with those adorable fluffy ears 🥰


This is Holly ( she is Georges sister, I entered him and I did nt want her to feel left out!) Holly is also a black (and somewhat grey) lab and is the ripe old age of 15 and half. We have had her in our lives since she was 8 weeks old and she is such a huge part of our family. About the house she is my little shadow, ‘helping’ out (well she thinks she is helping by standing looking and wagging her tail) and following me about everywhere . She has always been such a gentle soul everyone and every dog loves to meet her. She is a special girl and even has her own tagline – ‘Everydays a Hollyday’. Love my girl!


Hector uses his nose to get get friendly with other dogs he meets, he loves to meet new friends, I’m surprised it’s not worn away 😘😘😘😘😘



This is My Girl Honie, she is approximately 8 months old, she is a very lively Border collie Mix.. Honie would make an amazing 2021 Co Monaghans Nose, She loves the attention of the general public and she just has so much energy, love , and kindness to give to people, Children ADORE her as she is always ready to play fetch and when she wants something , she is very smart and knows by giving the paw she will receive treats,, she can really work an audience, I would love for my girl Honie to be Co Monaghan’s Nose of 2021.. So Vote Honie to be the queen ..


I believe my 6-month-old Miniature Schnauzer, Betty, deserves to be Nose of Tralee because she has been my ray of sunshine these past 4 months. I named her Betty, after the late movie star Bette Davis, my late nanny who passed away in July 2020 was a massive Bette Davis fan and would always tell us that people said she had Bette Davis eyes, so nanny always viewed her as an icon, and we all viewed our nanny as our icon. She has more toys than a child and we all treat her like the Queen she is. She is the heart and soul of the house and the boss. She can be cute as a button one minute and have her sassy moments the next. I always look forward to getting home, once she hears the car pull up in the driveway she is hopping, jumping, and barking at the door and gives me the best welcome possible. She loves getting all the attention and going about the house making sure she is not missing out on anything. She is so full of beans when we are out for walkies and always gives a wee bark to other dogs and people. It is also nice to be able to talk to other dog people on our outings. Before I found it difficult to find reason to get out of bed each morning, my bed is now Betty’s bed and I often wake with her sitting on top of my head and sniffing and licking my face. She is also a snorer. Although she is only 12 inches tall, she still manages to take up most of the bed. Although I have only had her a short time, I cannot imagine life without her. I now feel Betty has filled that hole that I have been missing these past 5 years. For me I feel Betty was a true gift that came into my life at my worst time but also the best. I have loved these past 4 months getting to know her. The future does not seem so black when I think of all the future walkies, car rides, chasing our cat around the garden, cuddles, the very squeaky red ball playtime, and wet nose stinky breath kisses I have to look forward to with her.

Maisington Caldwell

Maisington is a fun lovable little man. Not only is there for me when I need him he greats me every day I come back home. He enjoys watching YouTube on the iPad,his favorite thing to watch is Tom and Jerry. He is my Little Rock.



Roxy would make a great nose of tralee because she IS a nose ! 🙂 Always 2 steps ahead investigating everything, but she’s my queen and my best friend ! Always together through lifes ups and downs ! She deserves a crown and would carry her title with pride !

Jerry Boy

This handsome boy takes his job of being a PR officer and Security checker very seriously. He has to sniff, touch, purr or rub against anything or anyone that comes through the front (or back) door, no matter what. He noses his way into the hearts of all that he meets that he helped change someone who was terrified of cats into becoming a cat parent. To me, this makes him a wonderful candidate for Nose of Tralee.


I think Ben would make a great Nose of tralee because he can play the flute and irish dance at the same time.



Because he is awful scruffy but awful cute and has a fabulous nose. He is an Irish Glen of Imaal terrier, native Irish breed. Eli loves collecting rubbish, his nickname is Steptoe for those that can remember the programme lol. Eli loves people, loves his mammy the best and sleeps on her feet every evening.


Because cassie is always nosey

Sally Mullen

Sally is already a Nose of Tralee in my eyes. She had a hard two years adjusting to losing her mom and dad. Now she is convinced she is human. As you see from the photo this is her gender reveal for her new sister who is arriving in 2 weeks..Sally has been by my side no matter where I go since I got pregnant she is taken so much care of me. And for this reason I think she deserves to be not just mine but everyone’s Nose of Tralee. Thank you for this opportunity to see how amazing she really is.

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This will be our third year in a row trying to make it to the next stage, hopefully this is our year 😇 Zeena is not your typical German Shepherd she acts about half her size thinks she can sit on your lap for a cuddle and is the biggest sweetheart ❤ Here’s to representing Sligo in the Finals 🥰


Buddy is known for his nose. He is a Maltese and I never had a Maltese with such a big nose. He uses it to his advantage – he is a serious booper. He boops everyone anytime he wants something and he won’t stop until he gets what he wants. Maybe if he wins this he will get a big head and then his nose will be in proportion with his head 😂


Winter is a 16 month old rescue border collie. I think Winter would be a great nose to represent Sligo for many reasons. The first being that her adopted sister Beauty was the Sligo nose back in 2017, it runs in the family right? I also think she’s very deserving in her own right too! She’s the happiest little girl you’ll ever meet, she wiggles her whole body to greet everyone. While being such a happy pup she is also a bit of a crazy pup and is always bursting with energy! To tone down her energy she is currently training to be an agility dog like Beauty and she’s loving it! If you met Winter you wouldn’t believe what she’s been through by her personality. She came from a horrible situation before we rescued her. She was living outside tied up with approx. 17 other collies with no food or fresh water available. The only thing they could eat was faeces or the remains of dogs who didn’t make it so after such a hard start and being so strong and confident throughout it I think she deserves to be seen and heard (she definitely likes to be heard!)



I think that Dallas deserves to be crowned this year’s Nose of Tralee because she has beaten all of the odds to be here today. I never intended on getting a dog but on the 03rd of July 2017 I brought this little bundle of fluff home and ever since she has made every aspect of my life better. She has been with me through house moves, relationships ending, career changes and the one thing I could always rely on was a wagging tail waiting for me every morning when I opened my eyes. On the 14th of February 2021 two days after celebrating her fourth birthday Dallas suffered a massive seizure and was rushed to the emergency vet where we ultimately discovered that she had a portosystemic shunt and her liver was not functioning properly. I was told to prepare myself for the worst and we had an awful few days of thinking that we would have to say goodbye. Thankfully a CAT scan revealed that the shunt was operable and Dallas had surgery to close it on the 11th of March. She was an absolute hero throughout the entire recovery period and now nearly 14 weeks on from surgery continues to amaze me everyday. Dallas’ future is still uncertain but the surgery means that my dog can live a normal doggy life filled with walks, rubs and love. I cannot thank her amazing vet team enough. Dallas is truly my best friend. She gives me so much and asks for so little. I would love for her to have the honour of being titled this year’s Nose of Tralee.


I think Ozzy would make a great nose of Tralee because he’s very good at getting his nose into places like his bag of food! He’s such a lovable character who is always up to mischief!


Samoyed so placid lovely looking he would make great nose of tralee



Ralph never meets anyone young or old without a teddy in his mouth! We live on a country Lane and people walk from the village to say hello to Ralph and Malcolm (his teddy cow!)


Bailey is a lovable rogue he’s affectionate obedient and a cheeky divil all in one. He is a 2 1/2 year old Rottweiller. I believe Bailey deserved to win this prestigious prize the Nose of Tralee as Rottweilers are always over looked always badly judged as dangerous dogs and shunned by society. There’s no such thing as a bad dog, just possibly wrong matched breeds with inexperienced owners who don’t understand the breed. I’d love for Bailey to win to show the world Rottweilers are the most loving and loyal companions just as much as the more socially acceptable breeds in society. He obeys commands sits stays give paw lies down gives high five comes on command he’s amazing. He loves nothing more than to play ball and be made a fuss off he loves attention and affection and is a real mammys boy and really deserves to win. Thank you in hope Emma & Bailey 🐾


Because she’s a fun-loving we girl oves walks and last year she had 6 beautiful puppies she’s a wee lady with big personality my Cassie

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I think my Hero would make a great Nose Of Tralee 2021 because he has the superpower to make anyone smile! He’s full of fun – whether he’s at home, on a walk, in school or sticking his head out the car window! He has over 700 Instagram followers so he’s a great influencer as well as a great model – I think those are some qualities a Nose would need!


Our Ora is the best rescue dog we could have asked for. We rescued her at the end of January and she has changed our lives! She is a 20mth old AmericanStaffie and has the biggest heart a dog could have. She loves meeting new dogs, especially her pals at Sinéad’s Doggyday care in Tramore and even though she’s shy with new people she soon warms to them once they realise she is a big softy. She loves her Mammy and daddy and loves to go to the beach and chase tennis balls or play with her little friends there too. Please give our Ora a chance to be the Nose of Tralee as she also has a lovely big wet nose too!


Our Holly is the most loving companion anybody could ever wish for. Everywhere we go she goes because she was the missing piece and she completes our family xxxx



So, my name is Edward and I’m a Bichon Frise I love any type of food and will steal what I sees. I’m an older boy now I was 10 years old in May But I act like a puppy and love lots of play. I’ve three girl Bichons here too, Tuppy Roise and Bella They can be annoying but if I’m honest I’m real lucky fella. I love my red ball and if I lose it, you’d swear I was dying When I get it back, I suck it like a soother and stop my crying. I love hot buttered toast and a drop of Mummy’s tea I have her wrapped around my four paws you see. At night time Ill whinge till she’s ready to sit in her chair And I can climb up and sit near her head where I can smell her hair. She’s the best Mammy ever and knew last year when I got sick She took me to the dreaded vet and thank God she got there quick. I had kidney stones and my bladder was sore they told Mammy I could die And it broke my heart as she left me there, all I could do was cry. But after my BIG operation and few days there we made our escape When we got home, she pampered me and a nice juicy steak she did make. I spend my days sitting on the window barking at anything that stirs Its mainly the postman birds and that fat cat that lays in my garden and purrs. She’s my number enemy she just sits there being lazy And sometimes she’ll come and sit on my window and that drives me crazy. Mammy had to stop putting flowers on my window sill Cause I’ve lost count of the number of vases of flowers I spill! I’m not a bold boy I’m just the king of this castle And I’d prefer if that cat didn’t give me no hassle. So, I think I’ve shared most of my story Id really love to be considered your winner. Id take Mammy and the family somewhere tasty for dinner!


Known to us as Parker Poo but blink your eye he’s gone with your shoe. He’s a right little Yorkie full of personality and has nothing but love in complete totality


I think Fluffy should be nose of Tralee, is because she is the most wonderful, gentle dog I’ve ever known.When I first met Fluffy, she was in a basket with all her other siblings. I sat and watched all puppies for an hour and my eyes kept been drawn back to her, i knew she was the right one for me, she seemed so shy and gentle compared to her siblings. I left fluffy with her mama for 3 months, so she would get the best start in life staying on her mama’s milk. Fluffy is almost 9 years old now, been with me in my good times and my very low times been a frontline worker, I could always be sure that I would come home to an unconditional love, with loads of kisses and cuddles, which I really needed. All the children in the street run to meet her as soon as we turn the corner, all wanting to meet and pet her, she loves all their attention and is great with the children. Fluffy is the most wonderful, wonderful dog and I thank God for the day that he paired me up with her. These are only a small few reasons (as I could go on forever) why Fluffy would make a great Nose Of Tralee.



I believe Zak would make a great Nose of Tralee because he is a very loving dog. He loves everyone and everything. Photo shows him giving my brother a lovely nose kiss, checking in to make sure that he is doing ok. Ian (my brother) survived COVID-19 earlier this year, 3.5 weeks on life support and I firmly believe that the love and attention that Zak gives to him has helped Ian on the road to recovery. Zak is an amazing dog and he is loved by everyone


She is strong, pretty, has a great sense of smell with a cute button nose. She was found abandoned in our garden at 2 weeks old and we were not sure if she would survive the night and look at her now. She deserves to win after her tough start.


Chewie is such a loving, caring and funny little pooch. He came into our lives and made our house a home. He never fails to make us laugh and smile every day. He has such a funny personality – I sometimes joke that he is part human!! Secretly I think he’s an animagus who has come to prepare me for my hogwarts letter 🤣🤣🤣 He shows every emotion a human does. He will sulk when I have to go to work and jump in delight at the word “walkies”. He never refuses when you ask for a kiss 🥰Chewie definelty deserves to be nose of Tralee 🥰


Buachaill Ispíní Dána

Buachaill is originally from Portumna, he’s the 7th son of a 7th son and I think that’s where it all went wrong. Or maybe it was the name, Dàna. Either way he’s hands down the boldest dog in the hills of Wicklow. I got persuaded to adopt Buachaill by my housemate and my boyfriend’s mam took him for the first month we had him, while we finished our house. They used to reward him when he peed on a towel laid beside the back door and he got all the domestic food he liked. The start wasn’t the best. When Buachaill moved into the new house, he would harass our German Shepherd, shoving his whole leg in the jaws of the big dog. He showed no fear. He would entice all the other dogs in the dog park to chase him and then run to me for help. He’s chewed ever last pair of my boyfriend’s underwear, but he doesn’t discriminate. He’ll chew shoes, socks, remote controls and also my brand new prescription glasses. Now we have a new dog called Heidi and he’s taken her under his wing too. Showing her the ropes. However, as well as being the boldest, he’s also the funniest, smartest and sweetest little dog. He remembers everyone after one meeting and greets his friends at the door. He knows loads of tricks and he always makes me smile. He looks like a scruffy dog that would have his own TV show. Buachaill is repping for all those bad boys, that are really good, because at the end of the day, he’s a good “Buachaill”.


She is the best little dog she sings when the fire brigade passes the house and she has to be let out in the yard at two o clock to greet schoolchildren passing the gate they all love her


This Creed he is a White German Shepard. He is two years old. When we got him at 7 weeks old we soon discovered he Parvo. We were certain that we wouldn’t survive but here he is two years later big and strong like the fighter he is. We named him Creed after Apollo Creed from Rocky 1. Creed is a lovable big fluff. He loves long walks and loves meeting new doggy friends and people. He is loyal and very lets anyone leave a room without him being beside you. Creed deserves to win Nose of Tralee because he wants to let people know that its very important to vaccinate your puppies and dogs because he went through the ringer with having parvo and he is one of the very few dogs that survived it.

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