Review Of The Pawtrack GPS Cat Collar

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Do you know where your cat goes when you are out at work or in bed at night?

Meet the Pawtrack GPS cat collar – a cat collar that allows you to track your cat when they are out and about! Awesome..right!

Watch the video below to find out more about the GPS Cat Collar,  and then read our review on how we found using the Pawtrack Cat Collar on our cat.

The Pawtrack Cat Collar has a GPS tracking system that is actually built into the cat’s collar. It is light weight at only only 70g and the material is flexible making it a comfortable fit for your cat.

The cat collar has a safety release feature so that the collar can easily come off if the cat gets caught on anything, meaning that there are no safety worries.

When you purchase the cat collar it comes with a charger you can plug into a laptop or PC, and full instructions for use are provided.

You also get a username and password to log in and start setting up your cats profile and tracking their movement. (That’s the fun part)

The collar is bigger than a normal cat collar (which is to be expected) but our cat seemed quite happy with it on.

Pawtrack GPS Cat Collar
Pawtrack GPS Cat Collar


Benefits of the Pawtrack GPS Cat Collar

The biggest benefit is being able to see where you cat is at any moment in time. Even if you are on holiday then you can check in and see what your cat is up to. Once you have wifi access where you are then you can log into your account.

Unlike dogs, cats do have more access to wander and it can be very worrying if they are home late – especially when it comes to feeding times, when you expect them to be home! With the GPS collar you will be able to check where he is and see how far he is from home.

If your cat was injured or missing you would be able to see where his position was so you could immediately take action to locate and collect him.

If he was consistently coming home with scratches or cuts then you could see where he was going and perhaps identify if he was fighting with another cat. This might help then to prevent future incidents.

It’s just fun! Watching my cat and seeing where he was at night was total entertainment for me. I never knew he went so far from the house and clearly loves wandering in the fields near us.

Check out what Smug (my cat) got up to!

Review of the Pawtrack GPS Cat Collar

I was very impressed with how the collar was packaged on arrival. The support team at Pawtrack were in touch to assist with getting it set up and were extremely helpful with any questions that I had.

It was very easy to charge, with no complicated set up process and no long instructions to read!

Once it was on the cat the most frustrating part was waiting for him to move! I was willing him to go for a wander so I could log on and see where he was going.

That night I was delighted when I was able to log on from my phone and check to see where he was and watch him wandering around the field, probably on the hunt for a mouse.

The collar is €160 to purchase, which might seem expensive, but when you think of the peace of mind of knowing where you cat is then it is a worthwhile investment.

I’m a big fan of this product. I think it’s much needed for all animals and the peace of mind I have now knowing where Smug (my cat) is at all times is well worth the cost. Well done guys!

Let us know if you have purchased a Pawtrack GPS Cat Collar. We would love to hear from you and see what type of experience you have had and where you tracked your cat going!

Note: I received the GPS Cat Collar mentioned above for free to assist in an article we were writing about the product. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.