2021 Irish Pet Owners Survey Results [Infographic]

Ireland is a nation of pet lovers and our 2021 Pet Owners Survey showed just how much we love our pets and the lengths we go to to make sure they are well cared for and feel part of the family.

1200 Cat and Dog Owners in Ireland were surveyed as part of our annual survey, answering questions about the number of pets they own, what they spend on their pets, whether they would have a veggie diet for their pet,  what they truly think about Pet Insurance and much more.

Infographic for use with full results can be found at the bottom of this article 

2021 Irish Pet Owners Survey Results

Question 1 – How Many Pets Do You Have?

We know that people love their pets and our survey showed that 23% of those surveyed had 4 pets or more, down from 30% in 2019

36% have 1 pet (Increase of 6% on 2019)

26% have 2 pets

15% have 3 pets

Question 2 – What Type Of Pets Do You Have?

Just Dogs 61%

Just Cats 17%

Dogs and Cats 22%

Question 3 – Did You Have Pets Before Covid?

4% of people have only added pets to their family since Covid

Question 4 – What Type Of Food Do You Feed Your Pets?

Pet Store Brands were the clear favourite among people with 42% stating they choose a Pet Store Brand over other options (up 2% from 2019).

People choosing a Raw Food Diet for their pets has increased from 2% in 2019 to 4%.

Question 5 – Do You Have Pet Insurance?

Our survey clearly highlighted that 75% of people didn’t have pet insurance (a 2% increase on 2019)

With 53% stating it was due to the cost of insurance. Interestingly 3% of people said they had a savings account to cover vet costs, if needed.

Question 6 – If You Do Have Pet Insurance, Why Do You Have it?

78% of people said they take out Pet Insurance for peace of mind. (Up 13% from 2019)

Question 7 – If You Do Have Pet Insurance, Who Is It With?

Of the 1200 people surveyed that had Pet Insurance 65% of them had insurance with Allianz.

Allianz were the clear favourite, with Pet Insure being second favourite at 30%, followed by Blue Insurance and An Post

Question 8 – How Much Does Your Pet Insurance Cost (Per Pet) each month?

34% of people reported paying less than 10 euro (per pet) for pet insurance. This was a significant change from 2019 where it was only 6%

Question 9 – On Average How much Do You Spend (Per Pet) Each MONTH On Treats?

66% of respondents are spending 1-20 euro per month on treats for their pets. (the same as in 2019)

Question 10 – On Average How much Do You Spend (Per Pet) Each MONTH On Toys?

21% of respondents are not spending anything on toys for their pets. 2% increase on last year.

47% of people spend less than 10 euro (compared to 46% last year)

Question 11 – How much Do You Spend (Per Pet) Each YEAR On Clothes and Accessories (Collars, Leads etc)?

53% of people are spending 1-50 euro per year on accessories which is 2% down on 2019.

The 9% of people spending more than 101 euro per year are likely purchasing clothing for their pets – jumpers, t-shirts etc, as these can be more costly and most people would buy these items regularly.

Question 12 – How Much Do You Spend on Your Pets Birthday?

32% of respondents choose not to spend anything on their pets on their birthday. (A decrease of 4% on 2019)

Question 13 – How Much Do You Spend on Your Pet At Christmas?

53% of respondents spend between 1- 20 euro at Christmas on their pets with 18% spending more than 30 euro on each pet.

Just For Fun

Every year we love to ask pet lovers some fun questions…and this year we had some great ones for them!

  • 35% of pet owners would consider a vegetarian diet for their pets
  • 66% of people currently working from home would consider changing jobs if they had to go back to the office and leave their pets home alone
  • 38% of pet owners appreciate their pets more since Covid
  • 75% of pet owners post on social media about their pets
  • 72% of pet owners post on social media about their pets more than their human family
  • 11% of pets have their own social media accounts


Irish Pet Survey Infographics

Survey Details

  • Independent Survey carried out by Pet Sitters Ireland.
  • 1200 Pet Owners surveyed in Ireland.
  • Results may be reproduced with credit given to Pet Sitters Ireland.