2023 Irish Pet Owners Survey Results [Infographic]

2023 Pet Survey

Ireland is a nation of pet lovers and our 2023 Pet Owners Survey showed just how much we love our pets and the lengths we go to to make sure they are well cared for and feel part of the family.

1000 Cat and Dog Owners in Ireland were surveyed as part of our annual survey, answering questions about the number of pets they own, what they spend on their pets, whether they would have a vegan diet for their pet, what they truly think about Pet Insurance and much more.

2023 Irish Pet Owners Survey Results

How Many Pets Do You Have?

We know that Pet Owners love their pets and our survey showed that 21% of those surveyed had 4 pets or more, down from 23% in 2021 and 30% in 2019

38% have 1 pet

27% have 2 pets

14% have 3 pets

What Type Of Pets Do You Have?

Just Dogs 60%

Just Cats 17%

Dogs and Cats 23%

Pet Insurance and Health

What Type Of Food Do You Feed Your Pets?

Pet Store Brands were the clear favourite among Pet Owners with 44% stating they choose a Pet Store Brand over other options (up 2% from 2021).

10% of Pet Owners are choosing to make their own Pet Food (up 7% from 2021)

Do you have Pet Insurance?

Our survey revealed that 66% of Pet Owners didn’t have pet insurance (compared to 75% in 2021)

  • 32% said it’s too expensive
  • 22% haven’t thought about it
  • 22% have opened up savings accounts to cover expenses instead

75% of Pet Owners said they take out Pet Insurance for peace of mind.

Who is your Pet Insurance with?

Of the 1000 Pet Owners surveyed that had Pet Insurance 70% of them had insurance with Allianz (up 5% from 2021)

How Much Does Your Pet Insurance Cost (Per Pet) each month?

26% said they pay less than 10 euro (down from 34% in 2021)

23% said they pay more than 31 euro (up from 15% in 2021)



Spending Habits

How will the cost of living crisis affect your spending this year?

We looked at Food, Treats, Toys, Accessories, Grooming & Vet Visits.

When it comes to Food, Accessories, Grooming & Vet Visits the majority of Pet Owners felt they would be spending the same.

However, with Treats & Toys more Pet Owners felt that they would be spending less.

Do you plan to purchase your pet(s) a Birthday Gift?

31% of Pet Owners  said No (down by 1% from 2021)

Did you purchase a Christmas Gift in 2022?

19% of Pet Owners said No (up from 10% in 2021)


Just For Fun

Every year we love to ask pet lovers some fun questions…and this year we had some great ones for them!

  • 13% of Pet Owners would consider a Vegan Diet for their pet(s).
  • 11% of Pet Owners would have a wedding for their pet(s) so they could marry their favourite fur friend.
  • 20% of Pet Owners have a dedicated social media account for their pets.
  • 45% of Cat Owners said that if they thought it was safer they would only let their cat outside while being walked on a lead.
  • 20% of Pet Owners would greet a pet before their human.
  • 65% of Pet Owners have used their pet as an excuse not to attend an event.
  • 93% of Pet Owners think owning a pet makes them a better person.


Survey Details

  • Independent Survey carried out by Pet Sitters Ireland.
  • 1000 Pet Owners surveyed in Ireland.
  • Results may be reproduced with credit given to Pet Sitters Ireland.